Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I just got sent to my room - tee hee!

That's right - DH just sent me to my room! I think he forgot the computer was up here! I haven't been sleeping lately - probably worried about the knee surgery in 13 days. [You think???] Had my Ortho appointment yesterday and everyone agreed that those were ugly x-rays! Nice to have a consensus!

My son, A, is flying back home tonight for a weekend wedding. He'll be home for dinner tomorrow night and that may be the only arranged time we see him. Besides giving him a ride to the airport on Sunday. Oh yeah, he wants to go to the campus computer store and see what software I can buy for his new computer!!! Boys and toys - they don't grow up - they just get taller!

I have an idea for my "Take it Further" challenge. Subject: Someone we look up to; someone we respect. How about a surgeon who is replacing your second knee? I think Dr R fits the bill. And that's timely for my January. For ideas I looked up ortho surgeons on the web - (ooo ick!) But I think I know what I want to do. Now we'll see if I can execute it. Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, great thinking, Doni - and isn't it lucky that you admire the skills of a surgeon who is to operate on your knee! :)
I cannot wait to see how you interpret this for January's TIF. And I wish you well, both for the TIF challenge piece, and for your surgery!