Sunday, January 27, 2008

Life after knee surgery

It's never as smooth as you expect ... but what is. I've graduated from little sharp cries when I move to just moans! It's a bigger thing that you think! My first PT appointment [outside of the hospital] is bright and early tomorrow. Then its official - recovery commences.

Lazy day in bed today. Ice on the knee - I did shower and wash my hair this morning and that did me in!

No stash busting this week. I did put a few beads on my winter post cards - pretty much a first for me! [okay, I added an bead for an eye once!] I thought the fabric was perfect and didn't need anything else - but didn't want the recipients to be disappointed. I'll get a picture up later this week.

In my "TIF" challenge - it's a simple post card showing a surgeon in scrubs. The assignment was "someone you look up to" Pretty literal this month! But you'll smile when you hear the first thing I thought when I saw Dr R after the surgery: ... gosh, he looks just like the postcard! [Good drugs, apparently!]

Emails and comments are very welcome. Recovery is boring in between the really icky stuff!


Lori in South Dakota said...

I was wondering--did you TELL your Dr. he looked like the post card?? Oh, yes, I've said some pretty strange things! Glad you are done with surgery and hope your recovery is short!

Sweet P said...

Yeah! I'm glad to hear your surgery went well. Watch your mailbox later this week. Your goodie package is on its way tomorrow.

swooze said...

rehab rehab everything they tell you! It will pay off in the long run. Hope you are feeling better every day.

Ise Hakanud Lillekasvataja said...

I wish You quick recovery!
I wrote for You a letter in my blog. Just go and watch.
Best wishes- Your neighbor in the ring