Sunday, January 6, 2008

Stashbusting or home again!

We were gone over the Christmas holiday - and I missed my sewing room! There - I said it!! I really missed it while I was reading the page after page of Stashbusters Digests - everyone else was having fun in their sewing room. I was having fun with my granddaughter ... but don't we want it all???? Isn't that part of the problem???

So I'm back home - back to work and I'm managing a little time in my sewing room. But I have a question. How 'done' does stashbusting have to be?

Does it count when you donate fabric?
I don't count Nickel exchange because I'm getting back as much as I cut up.
If you're piecing do you count it now or when you're done?
Can you count it when it's a top?
Do you count only when it's quilted?
If you are finishing a kit - does that count as part of your stash?

Okay - part of this may be brain you-know-whats or stressing out over many issues. The biggest of which is total knee replacement surgery January 22. [OMG!] But, seriously, when do you count it???

Went to Atonement today - what does anyone else think? If I had read the details and noticed that it was based on a book by Ian McEwan, I might have steered my DH toward another choice. He depresses me - Ian not DH!! Giggle, snort!

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Shelina said...

Reading your old posts - it is your stash, so you get to decide how you want to reduce it.
Oh I've heard lots of great things about Atonement - makes me want to see it. Yours is the first negative comment. Is it really depressing?