Sunday, September 9, 2007

Ready for Company!

Now that was a better weekend! I managed to make the birthday girl's cape, the teddy bear cape, her "comfty" and one soft book. A friend came over to lend moral support LOL! and she made my "Disappearing 9 patch" samples for the guild Nickel Exchange tomorrow night. It was a great Saturday.

Today after running errands with my mom (89 years young!) I cleaned out the spare rooms and baby-proofed those rooms and the main rooms. It involved lots of relocating! I vow not to put anything back into those rooms after everyone has gone back home.

This winter our 'project' is clearing out all this 'stuff'! Hope it feels as good as I hear it will. So far, when clearing stuff out of the sewing room and stash, - 2 weeks later I've found a use for what I'd cleared out!!!

Thursday night was a blast! J and I went to Gretna to pick up our kits. Deb, the shop owner, was so excited to make the cover of "Quilt Sampler". It's a giant party this week as everyone comes in to say 'Congratulations!' Way to go, Quilted Moose! PS - the kit is awesome!

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