Saturday, September 1, 2007

Let the race begin!

Sorry I didn't write this week. It was one of those weeks that ended up entirely too busy. Background story: When my daughter L was just in kindergarten she had been taking "gymnastics" for a couple of years as a preschooler. The teacher asked her to be on a special traveling team! At 5!! But, we sat down and talked about it. I told her it was really special to be on this team BUT she would have to go to class everyday (!) after school. So she would only be able to play with her friends on the weekend. We thought about it and talked several times that week. At her next class she went up to her teacher and said, "Teacher, I can't be on the team. I'm sorry, but if I have too much to do 'I'm miz-ther-ball' (miserable)!!!" That has been our rallying cry ever since!!! AND that was this week!

Today is the first Nebraska football game. I'm a fan - living in Lincoln and then add working for the U - you pretty much HAVE to be. But I'm not a rabid fan! LOL! It's pretty much the "only game in town" and they are alot of fun. I enjoy going and being part of the crowd. The stadium IS the 3rd largest city in Nebraska on football Saturdays. I just wrote the games on the calendar - YIKES! We usually have 6-7 home games, but usually there will be "bye weeks" and away games in a row. This year 4 out of 5 Saturdays in Sept are HOME games! What's a quilter to do?? Thank goodness the first game is on the three day weekend - I can come home and regroup!

My almost 1 year old granddaughter, Miss P, arrives in 12 days!!! I've really got to get on the ball here. I started clearing the guest rooms last weekend. Funny how I didn't get as far as I'd hoped!

I moved all the "B family" photos into the sewing room. Hoping that laying them out in there would inspire me to finish them in a hurry. Okay - what was plan B??? After all "M family" photos are waiting in the wings for the same treatment.

I've got to get the photos out of there! I've got to sew 2 things for Miss P's birthday. So here's my list for the weekend:[And I feel it's really realistic! NOT!]

1. Sort "B family" photos ready for D to put into software program and basically ready to mail the actual photos to various family members.
2. Sew "Birthday Cape" for Miss P
3. Sew "comfty" for Miss P - buy ribbon embellishments
4. Finish all UFOs and totally revamp the sewing room - oh wait a minute - that's lifetime goal!

I'll let you know Monday how far I got! Have a great weekend everyone!

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Sweet P said...

Go Huskers. I know college football is big in Nebraska. As for me, I prefer the NFL.

Enjoy the season!