Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hanging out with friends at Quilt Retreat

I love fall - I really shouldn't - I'm allergic to it!! But it always makes me smile! The first tree on our street is showing it's colors. We've been able to open up the house - I know - allergies - but it just feels so good to cuddle under the quilts with the cool night air.

Of course, I love the first days of each season - the first cool fall day, the first sprigs of green in the spring; that first really HOT day at the lake and of course, the first snow ... it's one of my favorite parts of living in Nebraska - we have all four seasons. We won't discuss how I feel by the end of each season!! LOL!

Another exciting part of fall is "Quilt Retreat!!" Our guild has a fall retreat at the 4H center by Gretna NE! One year someone in my office was going to San Francisco for a 3 day weekend - I was more excited about going to Gretna than he was about his trip! 80 crazy quilters lazing around, meals made by a chef!!!, no family members wanting you to do something - I will admit it was calmer before cell phones ... but I just turn mine off!!! We sleep in cabins, it's pretty rustic but then again it's pretty cheap! We sew and laugh all hours in the lodge. Usually the last quilters at night meet the first quilters in the morning. It's magical and it's happening in 16 days! I have to start making lists and packing the projects I'll take.

And of course, it's by GRETNA - where one of my favorite shops is. The Quilted Moose was in the Top 10 shops this fall! Well deserved honor. We somehow always manage to stop by before checking in; and sometimes during the day Saturday for supplies and sometimes on the way home!!! LOL! Quilted Moose loves retreat!

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Sweet P said...

Your retreat sounds wonderful! I hope you have a good time.