Thursday, September 13, 2007

Miss P is on her way!

A quick post before the 1 year old whirling dervish gets here! LOL! And yes, I'm counting the minutes.

Nickel quilts: I'm the nickel exchange chair at our quilt guild. I love scrap quilts so what could be better than nickel quilts? We've been exchanging for 2 years (starting 3rd year) since Pat Speth came and spoke at our group. That's a long time! I'm trying to drum up some more excitement / participants so this year I'm handing out patterns and projects that use nickels - but aren't in Pat's books.

September I gave out the disappearing 9patch block. There's an excellent tutorial online by Helen Bailey I'd be interested in hearing from other quilters that had used this block. I need to make college graduation quilts next spring - so what's the difference in looks if you make "regular" 9patches - 2 fabrics and then mix up the quarter blocks rather than make "scrap" 9patches and mix up the quarter blocks??? Inquiring minds want to know!

See you after Miss P's visit! Warning - there WILL be pictures!

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Kathy Wagner said...

I made one for a guild comfort quilt with donated 9 patch blocks.
You can see us playing with quilt layouts by scrolling to the end of this bog entry:

You can see the finished quilt here:
They are lots of fun and it was easy to square up the blocks (which were all different 12"s) and put them together in a great quilt!