Sunday, September 30, 2007

Quilting time - post cards vs quilts

Like many quilters I got hooked on quilted post cards this year. They are so much fun because unlike quilts; you can make 5 in an afternoon. It's a small size - 4" x 6" so you can try different techniques. Being a newbie - I usually make a copy for myself too. They're small and easy to collect. Your whole collection fits in a drawer! Getting them in the mail is fun!!! It's a finished project being delivered so there's no "guilt" with that package. No "when will I ever do something with these blocks or fabrics?!?"

Now - let's get serious - what's bad about post cards: there's only limited time to work in the quilting room. Working on post cards takes up some of that time. Is it easier to work on post cards than to fix a stalling out point in a quilt? Sometimes.

That all being said ... I'm off to finish two post card challenges!!! We'll settle what else needs to be done later!


swooze said...

I haven't taken the leap yet. I do have it on my list to do though.

Sonja Nelson said...

Very nice card Doni! Keep up the great work!