Sunday, December 4, 2016

Small Town Christmases ... the best!

Small towns often get bad publicity but there's a lot to be said about them.

You don't have to signal your turns, everyone knows where you're going.  There's not much to do in small towns, but what you hear makes up for it!!

 Although I basically grew up in Lincoln NE, our neighborhood was really like a small town! All kids in the neighborhood hung out together.  All parents took care of watching out for everyone. Nobody needed a "block mom safe house" sign.  They all were safe houses.

We were probably in 6th grade one wintery day.  We walked 7 blocks to the 'corner store'.  And we bought candy cigarettes.  Remember them??  Then we stood on the bus stop and pretended to smoke, blowing out "smoke".  We all knew how it should look ...

15? minutes later we walked into my house and my mom said "I heard you were smoking on the corner!"  We screamed with joy and did the equivalent of 'high fives!'  Of course, I had to turn my pockets inside out and prove to mom that they were just candy, but she didn't really think that I would smoke.  Still don't!!

One of the joys of Brookings is the light garden set up in our Azalea Park for the Christmas season.  We went tonight after a movie.  It wasn't raining and it wasn't too cold!!  Win, win!

I haven't been for a couple of years.  Last December was extremely rainy!  But it was amazing!  At least 3x the lights that I had ever seen before!  AND for an extra donation you can get 3D glasses!  Totally worth it!  Just don't try to walk with them on!

We have a small chapel on the edge of the park.  Very popular for small weddings.  Elmo Williams, a famous movie director, built it in honor of his wife.  You can see the Brookings lights down in town in the background.

There were saluting toy soldiers and whales spouting on the green in front of the concert bandshell.

Elk grazing

Yes, I do believe they covered every tree with lights.  The paths were lined with marquee lights.  Very helpful. 

Many arbor tunnels to walk through.

A shark

 AND for an extra donation you can get 3D glasses!  Totally worth it!  Just don't try to walk with them on!

Here is a section viewed with the naked eye ... wait for it ...

 The same view through the 3D glasses!  Absolutely Psychedelic!!

The view from the top of the hill.  Happy Holidays everyone!!

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