Saturday, December 10, 2016

Beware, there be Christmas Cookie Monsters ...

Anyone else baking cookies?  This was the weekend for us, DH was 'home' and not out on a golf course!  I need his help with the cookies.  Mostly to be a witness so I don't eat all the chocolate!!

There's a list ... and you don't want to forget any type of cookie. The family is not amused!


One of our most popular are the Hershey Kiss cookies.  I use this recipe that uses Bisquick and Condensed Sweetened Milk.  Yum!  This is the main reason the chocolate needs to be guarded!  DH is always in charge of unwrapping the kisses.  I tend to use the '1 for me, 2 for the pile' method!  Miss P told me today NOT to forget the kiss cookies!!  She's 10 but I think it was a real threat!!

Last year the poker group DH plays with got addicted to Chocolate Almond Bark covered pretzels (with sprinkles!)  I melt the bark in the microwave.  Start with 2 minutes; 15 second intervals after that until melted and smooth.  Throw in a handful of pretzels, stir around until covered.  Using a table fork, tap, tap, tap against the side to get the excess chocolate off.  Then sprinkle with sprinkles while still wet.  The boys were seriously addicted - I had to refill the tin until SuperBowl!!

When the kids were little, GJ, a good friend, and I baked cookies together every year.  It was great fun, and we had to giggle on many occasions!  One year we made mint fudge.  When I got home, my teenage son immediately got into the container and did quality control.  "Hmmm, mom, the mint fudge is as good as usual. (insert pause here) Umm, mom, have you ever made this before??"  The answer was no!

In Newport I was lucky enough to make cookies with S - this woman is a force to be reckoned with!!  We had such fun that when a neighbor just happened by, she grabbed an apron and joined right in!  It was like a sweat-shop kitchen, but fun!!

I always make Graham Cracker Peanut Butter Acorns but instead of covering them in Chocolate Almond Bark, I only 'cap' them. They look like a reverse color acorn.  Darn cute.  Make the balls bite-size because we kids tend to put the whole thing into our mouth.

Lately we've added an "old family recipe that just happens to be on the back of the Craisins package!! Cranberry White Chocolate Chip Cookies. They are so delicious I actually bake them at other times of the year too!


But the newest on the hit parade is the Nutter Butter renditions.  I've made the Santa Face, but this year, I also found a reindeer and a snowman! Too Cute. I have found out that melting the bark in a mug works well.  It keeps the bark deep enough to coat the beard easier.  And there's penguins!

Ho, ho, ho!!  ... You may want to employ your own guard for this Season!!

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