Thursday, December 8, 2016

Busy month ... Ho, Ho, Ho!

A quilting friend is a 4th grade teacher ... she wanted to have them make little stockings for presents for their parents.  Who could resist 21 captive little quilters-to-be??  Let's just say it came up quicker than expected.  I did the prep work since I don't have papers to grade!  I redesigned the little stocking because it was odd looking!  Everyone knows you have to have equally round toes and heels!! I cut out stocking guides - and starched the heck out of them!  So much that I feared black lung disease!!  I cut strings from donated fabric.

We were all set for string piecing with donated school machines. It went great!  14 of the 21 have cute stockings hanging in the classroom. Tomorrow is the last work day, there are rice krispie bars waiting for the celebration when the last stockings done!

But my To Do List has been put on hold. Speaking of "To Do"s ...

What are your feelings on Christmas letters?  I like them! ... within reason! I write a half page of information with a picture taking up room on the top.

Here is this years:  The names have been deleted to protect the little rascals ... but I added a few more details, since I can stretch the page into infinity (and beyond)


Happy Holidays from the Boyds
Hope everything is well with you.  Life continues to speed by.  We've been on the coast for 8 1/2 years.  It went by in a flash. We are still amazed every morning looking over our ocean view - meals on the deck, weather permitting! And yes, we are having the start of a 'normal' rainy season right now. 

We're proud to announce that A graduated cum laude from Nursing at SOU last June. His entourage was there to cheer his walk. He received his RN, passed the Board and was offered a position in the Hospital Pediatric Unit, where he did his Clinical rotation.  Congratulations, A!!  WTG!

In January we had a great time going to Disneyland with J, L, P & M. Star Wars Jedi to fight, Princesses to meet and roller coasters to conquer. 9, 7 & 63 are great ages to visit the Mouse!  

The week before Disney, I went to Road to California, a quilt show in the LA area. DH came down, picked me up and we took a long (golf) weekend in Palm Springs.  We ate at Sherman's Deli everyday, yumm! Drove back to Disney, met the kids - and a great time was had by all.

DH has enjoyed many golf outings throughout Oregon and California this year, his game is in great shape (or was until the rain started)!  In November, I was able to take my second Quilting Cruise with friends from Lincoln and here.  I highly recommend Sew Many Places/Craft Tours for any quilting outing you'd like.  They plan everything within an inch of perfection and it's always a good time. 

This cruise on Liberty of the Seas was smooth sailing all the way.  The only time I was queasy was the morning after the election!  Tee-hee!

We got to attend the Houston Intl Quilt show too!  We were newbies and the show was "Fantabulous!!"  Really!  BUT -  is it possible to feel jet lag a month later?? Feels like it!

The grandkids continue to grow way too fast.  Miss P is in 4th grade she plays the drums and is starting Y basketball next month, Mr M is in 2nd grade, he plays the keyboard, builds Leggo sets for 14+ (he's 8) and loves baseball and football. Mr D is in Kindergarten this year and is learning by leaps and bounds! And Mr K, age 3, loving pre-school and busier than ever keeping all of us on our toes! 

We babysit, travel to watch sporting events and play games with all of the above. We play games together, we read books by the dozens, we share treats!! We're glad to even just hang out with them as often as possible. Life is good!!

Wishing you and yours the best in 2017

Here are the 3 Christmas Postcards I made this year. They were great fun.

Message was "Quilters all over the world are preparing for Christmas sewing.  Hope the elves turn up this year!"

Message was  "Run, run, Rudolph.  Gotta get some sewing done!"

Some of these Santas went to post office employees.  Message was "Ho, ho, ho!  Even Santa knows he doesn't work as hard as you do! Thanks!"

That's it for now!! Merry, Merry!!

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Mary said...

Great! I like Christmas Letters, if I don't have to write them. Cute postcards. Nice to see your famil. I will be at Road this coming January. Celebrating my 60th Birthday in style. Taking a Quick curve class. Maybe I could see you there.