Saturday, December 3, 2016

Christmas Past

One thing about having an Advent calendar - you have to get it out by now so you can start it!  And although I don't have an official Advent calendar, years and years of having one makes me an early 'decorator'.  Usually it's the weekend after Thanksgiving ... but I'm lazy this year!  I did get it up and running today! But pictures haven't transferred to this computer yet.  Hopefully we can look at them tomorrow!

So Christmas pictures are our topic.  It's hard to get good pictures at Christmas - everyone is so excited, they are often a blur.  Last year Mr M streaked thru the family photo!!  There he is in front of Rick and me!  He's fast!!!

Here he is with the Rudolph nose.  If you can find one of these light-up noses.  Buy it - we had so much fun with it!  Create memories - don't worry that it's hokey!!

Here is Miss P's first picture with Santa - slept right through it!  

The second year was not as perfect.  Nope, didn't like the looks of Santa, not at all!!

Here's Mr D, looks like he's ready for a nap.  There's a live reindeer in there too!

Mr K on Christmas Day.  Mommy and Daddy giving him a kiss.

Mr M was 1 month old here.  I think he'll grow into that beard!! Eventually!! 

Now here's a blast from the past - My son and daughter with Santa in Stromsburg Nebraska!  Santa is definitely Swedish there! As I recall, L was perfectly happy to sit there - until Santa said something.  Mom to the rescue a few seconds after this was snapped!

 And even further back in time ... Me, mom and my sister N. I'm definitely keeping my eye on Santa! Sucking my thumb while I think about it!

The memories just flow at Christmas - whether you're looking at pictures or just going down memory lane in your head.  Good times!

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