Monday, June 4, 2012

June??? Seriously??? Where does the time go??

Hi all!  The last two weeks have apparently flown by at the speed of light.  And now I find myself  scratching my head and wondering how on earth it could already be JUNE???  Of course, this rainy, windy weather doesn't seem like summer ...

Memorial Day weekend we had both the quilt show in Brookings and A, J, and Mr D come for a visit.  The show was awesome and we had some really interesting quilts hanging.  We'll hear all about the statistics at our June pot-luck next week.  Let's just say, fun was had by all and the vendors had some fun things to buy.

No ribbons for me this year ... competition was stiff!  But I was one of the ballot counters and I'm happy to say, my quilts were voted for!!  Brookings takes a picture of you with your quilt and prints it on the quilt tag hanging by the quilt at the show.  Fun concept - but of course, you can't hang about eaves-dropping on anyone - they know who you are!!  LOL!  But it's fun to put the person together with the work and you can congratulate someone on their quilt when you run into them at the show.  And that happened to me several times~ so fun!

Mr D is now 14 months old and does he like the ocean!!  It was our typical grey, cool day and the minute his toes hit the sand he was headed for the waves.  He's not walking yet, but getting ready to.  You remember that stage that they crawl faster than you can walk!!  So we had to scurry to beat him to the waves!  Even 50 degree water didn't discourage him!!  Cuz the minute you put him down - off he went again, at the speed of light!!  DH compared him to a just-hatched sea turtle heading for the ocean!  Such fun to have him and his 'entourage' come to visit!  A fun time was had by all!

It seemed pretty quiet after everyone left and the quilt show was down.  So I finished the last border on my sister's quilt order.  When I was back in Nebraska, my sister wanted to have 3 twin quilts made for some of her Great-Grands for Christmas.  Friends who made 2 twin quilts for her last year couldn't fit her into their schedule - a sign of success for sure!  So I volunteered to make the tops and then mail them back to Nebraska for one friend to machine quilt them and other friends to bind and monogram them.  Hopefully it will all go smoothly!

My sister and I shopped for fabrics when I was in Nebraska.  I washed and sewed backs and left them in Nebraska with the quilter.  I started these tops back in April at the retreat.  My first thought was - of course - double slice.  And the girl quilt, using 'Twirl' turned out darling - don't 'cha think!

I love this pattern.  I basically used one Layer Cake and then added pink borders.  Just the right amount of lights in the Layer Cake.  Cute as a button.  I did add a few fabrics of my own in each quilt like the Eric Carle Caterpiller in the lower right corner on the pink top.  Sometimes I just needed the a few more for the numbers to come out right or the fabric was begging me to let it join in!!  That happens to you too, doesn't it??

Then I made another Double Slice using 'A Stitch in Color' layer cake. I made the blocks - ooo, kind-of wild in a 'nobody's going to sleep under this one!!' kind of way.  So I added a sashing to calm it down.  Remember - same pattern, just sashing added!

Completely different look - don't you think?  And it really calmed it down.  I'm going to remember this trick!

The third quilt was going to be the  "Yellow Brick Road"  pattern, but do you think I could find mine??  Nope!  But I did find the "Wicked Easy" download from the web and it IS really wickedly easy!  The fabrics are a mixture of lines; picking our favorites on the run at Cosmic Cow Quilt Shop in Lincoln.

I'm pleased at how they all turned out.  Remember - brights are not my usual!! Now my friend will add her magic with LA quilting to make them come alive!  Can't wait to see pictures of the finished projects!!

It is hard to pack and mail your projects - but all is well, they arrived right on schedule so we can relax now.

Last week we took a short trip up to the Eugene area for DH to play some golf.  We stayed overnight there - we're usually traveling straight up to Portland, so it was fun to explore a little.  I found the two quilt stores that are in Eugene.  And we went to the movies that night.  "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" was pretty darn cute!  Lots of big names in it - and well worth seeing.  I'm even going to plan to see it again on DVD when it comes out!

Then while DH golfed I explored the Albany area.  I had to drop off my DSM at the shop - it's making the most annoying 'chirping' sound after I've been sewing for an hour or so.  And the darn thing was just in for it's 'well baby checkup'.  I'm going to have to switch repair shops to somewhere closer - they had to keep it,  it wasn't done by the time we were coming home. 

Horrors!!  Life without my Janome!  I do have a Feather Weight ... but, you know, when you don't have a buttonhole stitch or FMQ capability - that's all that you NEED to do!!  We aren't scheduled to return to the area until June 19th.  DH is hoping that my whine isn't more annoying than the chirp!! 

Has anyone else had this problem with their machines?  What was causing it?  And was it 'fixable??'  Let me know before I worry too much!

Today's 'Day1' and I'm already in withdrawal.  Believe it or not - while I was at Portland, Miss P needed darts in two new 'skorts' I bought her.  I had to put them in by HAND!!  Yes, it was possible - but really, it would have gone so-o much smoother by machine!!

Well, I have to sign off - only 4 days until I'm due to post again!  So I've got to DO SOMETHING to write about!!  LOL! See you soon!

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