Sunday, May 20, 2012

Queen of the UFOs reports news from the Coast!

Yep - royalty here.  It was a surprise since I didn't notice any post about that rat ... errr Lady in Waiting above me having a finish!  BUT I was just Queen for a Day.  Anyone else old enough to remember that game show??  I finished my stay robin project.  insert royal wave here!!

It all started with an abandoned paper-less paper piecing Mariner's Compass.  I had an idea and I'm so excited that the block is no longer languishing in a corner, unfinished and out of mind!

My Brookings Guild started a 'stay robin' in the fall.  We had done a round robin last year ... and the stay robin went well too.

Start with a block. Then we followed the month assignments that were drawn from a hat!
1.  Applique - for me it was the machine appliqued light house.

2. Paper piecing - I made the sailboat and the 5pointed star in the corners.
3. Words - a perfect pick for me, I was going to add the poem at this time anyway.

If ever you lived by the ocean, if ever you lived by the sea,
when you return inland, your spirit will have been set free.
if ever you've heard the sea gulls, the waves, a foghorn, the winds,
then you've heard the song of the ocean and the peace it sends.

This poem is a paraphrasing of the anonymous poem "If ever you lived on an island"

4. Triangles - always a favorite of mine.
5. Strip piecing - checkerboard made with this GREAT Japanese shirting that has crabs.  I found it at Britex in San Francisco and spent the big money to buy enough to give me the anchor 'dots' on the selvedge too!!

I knew I wanted to add top and bottom borders - it was almost square but not!

My friend S made these awesome machine embroidery vintage nautical motifs and they are perfect!  I'm thrilled to have them in my project.  And even more thrilled to have another set on a brighter blue-white fabrics to make a bed sized quilt with!

The back is my unique (?) combination of 4 anchor fabrics and 1 abstract nautical-looking fabric.  All of which were being saved for some special project for way too long!!  They will make me smile everytime I see the back of this quilt.  So worth it!!

Sorry for the crooked pictures ... I thought I was holding the camera straight!!

The eclipse was in heavy fog here in Brookings.  So maybe next time???  LOL!

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Karen said...

I remember "Queen For A day"!
Your piece is very good. The combination of the Mariner's Compass block and the lighthouse is just perfect.