Sunday, May 6, 2012

Oh Dear! Nothing to report here!

All that sewing I thought I'd get done this week ... nada!!  In fact, my sewing machine isn't even set up again after my glorious retreat last week.  But that should change tomorrow. 

I'm working on the last borders of my 'stay-robin'.  I signed it up for the Quilt Show Memorial Day weekend and it wasn't finished yet.  I hardly ever do that - been burned out too many times!  If you know what I mean.  BUT I was sure I would work on it at retreat.  And I would have, but then Miss S of Tidewater gave me a set of wonderful old-fashioned nautical machine embroidered motifs.  Trust me when I say - these are simply gorgeous!  The set I first received were on a 'bluish-white' background.  Nothing that could blend in with my usual 'beige-ings' backgrounds used in the stay-robin.  So, clever girl that she is, she mailed me another set on beige-ing background to use in my final border.

I've laid out the blocks and searched the books for a good border that will blend them into my wall quilt.  I've narrowed it down - a little math and some trimming will happen.  And I hope to have the piecing finished by Friday - which gives me two weeks for quilting and binding.  Fingers crossed!

The stay-robin was started last fall which, Thank the Lord, makes it also an UFO!  I'm number FOUR Lady in Waiting on the UFO Queen list!  Headed to the top with a bullet!! So a finish is required pronto.  This little project will fulfill all the requirements AND be ready for the show, if all goes as planned.

I've been a little crazed this week.  My Mom is in the hospital back in Nebraska.  She's been there since Wednesday, that long of a stay is unusual in this day and age.  My sister took her to a Dr's appointment, he took one look at her and put her in the hospital.  What was wrong hasn't been made clear to us.  Some ongoing lung infection, perhaps.  Nothing has been proclaimed healed, but she's stronger and looking better now.  She'll be going home tomorrow and hopefully be on her way to a full recovery from whatever.

Too crazed to sew or concentrate on anything - I've been having fun playing with Pinterest - oh yeah!  And reading the book club selection for this month.  Madame Toussaud by Michelle Morin.  Have you read it?  I'm not a big fan of historical fiction, but I'm happy to say that this book was very good.  Easy to read and a compelling story.  I'll be interested to see what the other gals think of it.

And then I got off my [hmmm, shall we say 'chair'] and cleaned out closets.  I have a trunk load of donation ready for tomorrow.  Three loads of wash today and a walk ends this weekend.
We've had three days in a row of sun this week - a new 2012 record, I'm sure.  Yes, that is probably exaggerating, but not by much.  And three days of sun make us forget everything in the past - all is well in the world.  Hopefully next week will bring pictures of projects worked on!  Keep your fingers crossed.

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