Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day!  To all those women who nurture children - your own or others'!  We all know 'aunts' who are the best moms!!

On the quilting front - I'm working hard on the 'stay robin'.  The top is finished, the back is made, the batting is cut ... now, should I mark it before or after basting?!  It needs to be done in 11 days!  I hate last minute deadlines - yet, here I am!!  My own darn fault!  BUT I like how it's turning out.  Pictures next week.

Six days in a row of sunshine - a 2012 record - NOT an exaggeration!  It's amazing how a week without rain can change your whole attitude.  A spring in your step, not just trudging from one place to the next! And low tide was wonderfully civil this week - minus tides during 9-5 hours.  Good walking excuse.

That being said - the wind changed dramatically an hour ago and now the fog is rolling through.  Not looking good for grilling out steak and baked sweet potato for Mom's Day dinner!! 

The power of praising the weather - can change it for the worse in a flash!!!  LOL! Darn!!

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