Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ahhhh, June weather - at last!

Living on the Oregon coast, well, it's hard to determine which season or month it is!!  There's not that big of a swing in temperatures throughout the year.  In general, that's a good thing.  But when we have rainy weather extend into summer, it just feels like March for 3 months!!  TODAY, however, is a bird of a different feather!  70 degrees!!  Wheee-hah!

We had a gloriously 'civil' mid-morning low tide!  It was a little windy down there, but we were able to walk a long ways today.  Not to the end - yet, but a football field or so farther than yesterday!  We had a lot of sand washed away this spring by stronger tides [maybe?]  But little by little it's filling back in.  Getting the beach higher than the water - so we can walk farther!  It is amazing how much the beach changes day to day.

My DH is a golfer - hmm, that may be an understatement!!  Like saying I'm just a quilter!?!?!  He joined a traveling band of golfers when we lived in Newport.  "Turf Inspection and Marching Society" or TIMS  They had to give it an acronym so when it was on their calendars at work, it sounded work-related!  Well, DH has been playing really well lately - you might think that's a good thing - even great.  Improves his mood, etc.  All is good until he comes home with a trophy!!

Oh, yes - that's the beloved TIMS trophy.  Yep, it IS an old, extra large worn-out golf shoe that has been spray-painted gold!!  And let me tell you, DH gets a little cranky when you suggest that he have a good game, but ease off if he's going to win the trophy!!!

The trophy is to be displayed prominently in your home when you have it.  When we lived in Newport, we wives made a point to 'pop in' on the winner's wife when they least expected - just to be sure the darn thing was out.  I'm happy to report, no one in the group lives close to us here.  Draw your own conclusions!!LOL!

My beloved Janome is in the shop.  I've been without it for over a week now.  My feather-weight has been set up, but I hate to mix piecing by different machines in the same project.  No good ever comes from it - at least in my experience!!

I've mainly been on the computer, or reading some very good books. I took a day on the Long Arm at the local Quilt Store. But I'm not moving at my usual purposeful speed in the sewing room!

Yesterday I finally got 'off the pity-pot' and got out quilt books to look at and came across the OLD [1993] 'Little Quilts' series - American Crib Quilts - Welcome Home Quilt. The blanket stitched letters fell out, Yep, it's gotta be one of my oldest UFOs! It's only 45" x 45"; surely I can get the top done with my trusty Feather-weight in the next 1 1/2 weeks!! That's when we'll be able to get up to Albany [5 hours away] where my now fixed machine is. Yeah, I know, I have to come up with a better location for my repairman.

Little Quilts were/are known for their scrappy looks - using "Magic Fabrics" - black, plaids and stripes, bubble gum pink, purple, brown, mustard gold and tan!! Hey - I've got those!!! So-o I'm raiding the shoe
boxes with the cut scraps. Squares and strips - we've been talking about them lately on Stashbusters! Wondering if the effort to set up a 'scrap system' is actually worth it.  How often do we use it??

Well, I love my 'scrap system' but can't say I've done much with them lately!! Probably because they are stacked INSIDE each other on the top shelf of the closet!! Kind of 'out of sight, out of mind'.

Well, they are down now!! And I already have the first 4 blocks - up on the design wall - ready to be sewn!!! Anyone else still have this booklet?  Anyone out there made one of these??  Well, there's no time like the present!  Especially if your other machine is in the shop!

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