Thursday, June 28, 2012

Outing in the Valley

Last week DH had a golf date in the valley and we headed off.  It was nice and warm and we finally felt like it was summer!

First we went up to Portland to see Miss P and Mr M.  We had a great time playing outside and playing rousing rounds of Alphabet Bingo inside.  We take turns 'calling' and we do have some pretty dramatic callers!  DH, Miss P and Mr M all practiced their golf swings too. 

Thursday was the TIMS golf outing and I'm sorry [not] to say we did not bring home the trophy this month.  What a relief!! LOL!  Let's let everyone have a chance at it!!

While DH was golfing, I got to meet Miss S and Miss J in Corvallis.  They were on a garden outing and I got to join in.  There is a Buddist Garden outside of Corvallis and we descended on it with our "Market of Choice" lunch.

But first - do you have a 'Market of Choice' by you???  I'd never shopped one before.  Very interesting!  They have  "Sweet Potato Potato Chips", mmm, mmm, good!  And I hesitate to mention the tart-sized cheese cakes that are to die for!  We had both the Chocolate Truffle and the NY Style [we shared bites] and both were EXCELLENT!!  I'm still craving them a week later!!  The chicken panini was also great and we each had fun building salads from the salad bar.  Our food was packed - on to the garden.

We went to The Garden of Gentle Breezes.  It's at a gentleman's home and he was so gracious to us.  We'd brought our lunch and let me tell you - when Miss S and Miss J go to lunch, it's always an elegant affair.  We had a tablecloth, ribbon centerpiece, two choices for paper plates and napkins!!  And of course, the best company around.  The owner even came out and took a picture of us - didn't know his 'tea spot' could look so elegant!!

It was a perfect day.  A gentle breeze as advertised :> and just the right temperature - 70s.  It was so much fun.  Thanks Ladies, it was a pleasure as always!

Thursday night we stayed in Newport at our friends, D&JH.  One of the best private B&Bs around!  We had a wonderful steak dinner with  T&L joining us.  Lots of fun laughing and sharing stories.  After a good night's sleep - I got to join the Bayshore Quilters for the usual Friday morning work session.  It's always fun to get caught up with everyone and see the great show and tell that have been worked on.  Everyone's getting ready for the August show.  Time went fast and soon DHand I were on our way back home in rain and fog.  We're not in the summery valley any more!!

Water Aerobics in the outdoor pool has been a tie this week.  15 of us were there Monday in the rain.  And it was really rain - organized drops and everything!!  Not just a soaking mist.  It took me two days to get warm again!!  Tuesday was also rainy and windy, this little chicken stayed home!!  But Wednesday and today were perfect days there.  The pool is warm and the sun was out ... everything you hope for!!  Tomorrow is the tie breaker ... hope I haven't jinxed it!!

I made a couch quilt for DH for Fathers' Day - just waiting for the perfect day without wind to take a picture.  Also his nephew and wife just had their first baby - so a baby quilt is being worked on.  Hopefully pictures of both next time.

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