Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pelicans 101!

Today is gorgeous!! Ahhh, now I remember why we love it here! LOL! I got up this am and it was thick, thick fog and I thought - not again!! There, I admitted it! But the fog burned off early and I actually walked down to the beach during low tide.

I've been fighting off this throat thing forever [all right - since Saturday!!] it just seems like forever. R was sick with throat, then cough when Miss P was here. But it seems to be taking a different course with me. So I hadn't been down to the beach since Miss P left.

We've been getting alot of sand swept in. I could see that from looking down on "the well". It's buried and not that long ago it was hip-high! The well is a rock with a deep hole in it - kind of obvious, but sometimes it feels like we're talking in code! But, I wanted to see the 'cave' - R said it was filling in. Two weeks ago, R and Miss P walked thru the cave, R only having to bend over at the other end - now there is no other end - and you'd have to crawl in! Amazing! The ocean changes so fast!

We also woke up to foam on the water today - thick foam that apparently happens in some fish cycle. Don't ask me more than that - I'm from Nebraska!! But it means there's a lot of fish in the water and the pickings are easy. So we have a lot of birds hanging about today. Including a whole group of pelicans - they're simply amazing.

First of all - they look like dinosaurs when they fly - they're all angles. They fly in groups and zoom down close to the surface, gliding, looking like stealth bombers, apparently looking for fish. When they find some, they dive into the water like yard-darts!! But when they sit - they're all curves!! One of life's mysteries!

For the first time today, we've noticed smaller ones in the flock - fledglings?? The information sheet I pulled up on Pelicans says there isn't much 'post-fledgling' care - but apparently there are some fishing lessons!!

They have been fishing in front of the condos all day - so interesting to watch. And there's a 'seagull/chickens clucking' sound!! I've been trying to compare it to something all afternoon - and that's the closest I can come to!!

This all sounds slightly weird - but it's been a really fun day watching them and hearing them and I wish you were all here to share my day!!

I quilted yesterday afternoon on Birds of a Feather. Rick went golfing and I watched "Independence Day" [of course!] and then E.T while stitching away. We had leftover BBQ sandwiches for dinner and saw some of the fireworks from our balcony. All in all, a nice, low-key day.

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Deb said...

Wish I was there...I'm sure it's not as hot and humid as it is here!