Saturday, July 16, 2011

Back from Sisters - but moving slow!!

What a gorgeous day it was in the high desert! 80 - 85 degrees and a slight breeze in the afternoon - just enough to wave the quilts as you were trying to take a photo. It was wonderful. And the quilts seemed to be a wider variety of styles this year - I saw the majority of them ... but, even not walking the whole show - I was a broken woman the next morning!!

Eight Stashbusters Online showed up at the library at 10 am. We talked and compared notes for 30-45 minutes and then went off to rejoin the friends and family we came with. We were there from Washington, Minnesota, California, Illinois, Australia (!), and all over Oregon. [that's based on memory - may not be entirely correct!!] Thanks gals! It's always fun to meet in person.

A bus from the Newport Guild came up and I got to walk-about with friends I don't get to see as often. 8 of us actually stayed together the first block! LOL! At one point, I called V on the cell phone trying to find her "I see a sign that says ..." "Yes, I'm standing right next to it!!" LOL! It's a big crowd, that's for sure!

And thanks to C's eagle eye, I was able to meet up with C & M. We were the first 3 stashbusters to meet up at the show 5 yrs ago! We've caught up a few times over the years - this was my 12th time to the Sisters show!! C saw me and had M's cell phone number. I didn't even have M's current email address! - I'd sent her an email but when I didn't get an answer - figured she was away. We ran across each other a few times browsing the show, but met up at 1:30 for a good visit and an ice cream cone!! On a chair! In the shade!! Life is good!

After the show - back to Bend where we were staying along the river. My DD and DSIL joined us on this trip - but without the grandkids. It makes a big difference! The adults were allowed to eat together - not take turns with the kids while the other couple goes out! And of course, you know what we talked about - the grandkids, of course!! Always the case!

The food we had was awesome this year! We went to Amalia's for great Quesadillas; [shredded chicken, grilled fresh mushrooms and wilted spinach!! Yummm!]; Pine Tavern for the best Smoked Salmon salad [with pears, walnuts, blue cheese crumbles and raspberry vinegarette dressing!] and Thai food at Toomies. Needless to say, I needed to get my body to Water Aerobics when I got home - for several reasons!!

And then continuing our "Going to Sisters" grand tour, we stopped at Crater Lake. There is so-o much snow up there still this year! Our favorite picnic area was still under 3-4 feet of snow! We saw a van-load of middle schoolers snowshoe-ing away! And there was the coolest slide of snow off the lodge that still reached the roof! No water scarcity this year - so far. The Rogue River was running high at the viewpoints too!

On to Talent where we stayed with and admired Mr D!! This little guy is all smiles! And so cute - but of course, Nana would say that!!

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Michele Bilyeu said...

Mr. D is a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e and Sisters...lots of fun! Do you think the day will come when we're all still experiencing the quilts from our walkers? After seeing the one gal with hers, I'm beginning to wonder about the rest of us;) If that day comes, I'm counting on one or the other of you to push me as I sit least part of the time. We can be a tag team and take turns ;)