Sunday, July 24, 2011

Foggy Morning Mish-Mash!

My August bouquet was Hydrangeas and sunflowers - how fun! Both are big flowers and the delivery gal is a petite little thing - when I opened the door, I couldn't even see her!! The grouping was so big we got 2 bouquets out of it so there's an all sunflower group over in C&Ls condo!

It's a cool foggy morning here. C&L are renting the condo next door and we're having such a great visit. Lots of walks on the beach, grilled dinners and of course, dessert every night!! Got to love vacations!!

One morning it was so foggy that when I followed everyone down to the beach 30 minutes later - I couldn't find them!! Spooky thick fog - where everything looks different and somehow sinister!! Was that giant piece of driftwood always hanging there like that?? [well, yes it was!]

We have so much sand added to the beach that the cave is filled - yep, the cave with a 10 foot ceiling!! So the rocks all look different - cuz you're only seeing the top part of them!

Speaking of rocks - Rock collecting: I love to pick up rocks. It was my biggest activity in Newport. There were lots of agates and fossils on that beach. Here in Brookings, not many agates or fossils that I can spot. But more colorful rocks. I especially like the ones with stripes! I polished rocks for a year and a half. I haven't done that since I moved here. Maybe I'll get back into it, maybe not - we'll see!

Where some collectors only stoop to pick up Jasper, Agates, etc. Well, not me. One day in Newport I had the most fun collecting objects with holes in them!! [I was tying them on stomping sticks and things with friends later that week!]

Yesterday was "O" rock day! Sometimes you don't spot a rock with a natural "O" on it anywhere - and other days, well, you can't avoid them! My friend D from Redding alerted me to "O" rocks, "That Oprah, she's licensing everything nowadays!!" LOL! D has a rock garden in her yard that is dedicated to "O" rocks - so hip!! These "O"s are going home to Arkansas with C&L but they make me think of D also!!

Well, Mr D is off on his great adventure today with his mom and dad. They are traveling to Colorado for J's family wedding and then on to Nebraska to visit A's family. Three weeks on the road with a 3 month old!! Camping when available! YIKES!

And you just know they will pull it off with grace and lots of wonderful memories. Mr D has already camped at a wedding close to home ... and did just fine! The only big question is can Beach Nana [that's me] live without her Mr D fix for that long? That baby is growing like a weed, and we see him just often enough to notice the changes. I swear, grandkids grow as fast as the car commercials show on tv!! Here he is with Beach Papa.

They went swimming since our last visit.

Trying out his chair now that he can hold his head up. Hmmm, was that chain always there?

This week will be jam-packed with trying to see everything in Oregon while our friends are here! LOL! Hopefully, the weather will continue to cooperate - although it's not looking good for today! Oh well, if it's icky out we will just have to sit inside and quilt - or just talk about quilting! Also fun!

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