Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th of July Weekend!!

Well, after our last 'talk' we headed to Portland for R&R with our DD and her family. The adults went to Cirque du Soleil's show and then we spent a few days in Portland before heading back to the coast with Miss P - our 4 yr old DGD.

I just want to show you the awesome pictures my L took of her children. She's so talented and has a gift for catching them. Of course, the kids are very used to posing for her and love to ham it up!! There were a hundred shots of the kids on my camera - I'll just show you my favorites!! Gotta love digital!!

When we left Portland we had both Miss P and Mr M (age 2) in the car. We traveled over to the Newport Aquarium while DSIL trailed behind us; on the ready to bring Mr M back home after. We wanted to see if Mr M would even leave home without a parent!! He did great! Both kids love the aquarium and it's always fun to see their excitement. These few times a year - when we head out with the kids - well, that's when I miss living closer to them!

After lunch and some time at the MacDonald's play area, Mr M and his dad headed back to Portland and Miss P headed for Brookings with us. It's a long ride but we were all 'troopers!' Within 10 minutes of arriving home ... we had all the toys out, had looked out at the ocean with the binoculars and were totally at home!!

Miss P was here for 2 full days and 4 nights ... and they were fun-packed with all of our favorite activities: digging sand on the beach; eating lunch on the patio; reading lots of library books; and a visit to "Kidtown" the Azalea Park playground. Miss P got a child's set of golf clubs this trip, so she also went to the golf course with Papa to hit a few and drive the golf cart around. They saw deer and a new fawn out there - definitely a highlight!

And I'm not saying a little spoiling wasn't being done - here's Miss P's breakfast with strawberries ala Food Network!! LOL! Yep - that's the extent of my 'fancy' meals - cutting up strawberries!

Then off we went to A&J2's so Miss P could meet Mr D and play with the bunnies! Since Miss P is the older sister - she knew what babies were, do I need to point out the real attraction was the bunnies??? LOL! She helped J2 make us blueberry pancakes the morning we were headed back to Portland.

Hasn't Mr D thrived and grown!! He's a smiley baby and lots of fun to cuddle. He was on his first camping trip the weekend before - a wedding - and did great! It's just so amazing to see him grow so fast!!

Sunday we took Miss P to the Broadway tour of "Mary Poppins." We had so much fun! Miss P stayed awake the entire show - despite not sleeping much the night before - and then cried at the end because she didn't want it to be over! I sense she's a 'chip off the old block' of her mom, who dearly loves Broadway and all things theatre.

10 days, count them, with grandchildren!!! Nana was plumb tuckered out!! I pretty much hibernated for the week since we got home. The ocean is eerily quiet{!} after all the ruckus! And while it's always wonderful to see the GKs - it's fun to get back to 'normal' too.

I entered 3 quilts in the Newport show - but Birds of a Feather-ish wasn't one of them. I'm still working on the first border ... so it will make it's debut next show! But I'm bound and determined to work on it everyday and FINISH it this summer. It's been on the UFO list TOO long. I'll let you know!!

I'd love to promise to blog again next weekend - but that's the Sister's Quilt Show weekend and I'm going to be too busy!! LOL! A bunch of Stashbusters are meeting up at the library Saturday morning; a bus is coming with Newport friends and my DD and DSIL will be with us in Bend. DD probably won't come to the show - we'll shop around in Sisters on Friday - while the boys golf. I'll tell you all about it when I get home!

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