Sunday, June 6, 2010

'Winter' weather continues here!

Last week we had 2 blue sky days, 1 grey sky days and 4 days of monsoons!! We got 5 inches of rain in 2 days!! Unusual weather for June - or so we think!! Probably only because we're here! And it IS a small condo with a golfer stuck inside! On the 3rd day of monsoon, DH turned and asked, "and why did you drag me here???" LOL!

Today I gave up and went to the grocery store to buy supplies for soups! If that doesn't bring the good weather - nothing will!

Having my sewing machine set up all the time has been so much fun! Since I haven't had a dedicated sewing space for 2+ years ... I'd forgotten the joy of 'popping in' and sewing for a few minutes. Someone on Stashbusters suggested that at the end of your sewing time, however short, you quickly set up for the next session. Amazing tip! You're actually anxious to get back in there because you know that within a minute or two, you'll be whizzing along!

I'm ready to bind the (2nd) watermelon wall quilt, this one is for the Newport Guild Show Silent Auction in August. I'm hoping to hand it in Thursday when I'm there for the June meeting. But I have to find the green binding I 'put somewhere safe' Lord, help me!

Next up - or should I say - still up - the alphabet quilt from the ABC back to school exchange I hosted last year. I can't find the fabric I'd like to use to enlarge the back. Then of course, there's the problem of a dry space outside to spray baste ... BUT if I can find both the fabric and the green binding today - I'll be doing a happy dance for sure!

I went to water aerobics this week - in an outdoor pool for the first time. The weather has been so rotten, and water aerobics is at 8 am - there's only been one day it wasn't pouring at 8 am. I'm glad to report that the water was warm; and the teacher was a young man with an exercise science degree and he worked all muscle masses. Not bad at all. Hoping for clear mornings the next two days - so I can do it again before heading back up to Newport for a few days.

Off to the sewing room, to see what I can find! Sorry for the lack of pictures lately - hopefully next week. Haven't got my desktop computer set up and storage space is beginning to be an issue on this laptop ... I know, excuses, excuses!! But at least I feel guilty about it!!


Sweet P said...

Rain is no fun. I hope it stops raining soon and you can enjoy the sun and the golfer can golf.

Isn't is nice to have a dedicated sewing space? I love my studio and swear I will never be without one again.

Michele's Quilting Journey said...

Can't wait for some photos of your new habitat.Glad you're beginning to settle in! I'm taking off for Alaska again before the end of the month.Anchorage this time for a family wedding and to see my brother and the sister-in-law who almost died on her cruise in January (was in my blog) Don't know if I'll be able to go to Sisters this year..but even if I don't, bring extra socks in my honor ;)