Friday, May 28, 2010

No more excuses! We're H*E*R*E!!

As of yesterday, we are official residents of Brookings Oregon. The last month was a blur of cleaning, sorting, packing, hauling and unpacking. Hard work - we may be too old for this!! And for sure we have too much stuff - and I'm even talking about quilting stuff too!

We showed up at the Goodwill drop-off so much that the gal started saving good boxes for me! Now that's a full service charity!!

A week ago - we loaded the truck and moved the furniture. We had our DSIL come down from Portland to help us load and our son from Ashland come to help unload. Unloading was harder - we had to carry everything up to the second floor. And the old folks were wearing out by then - as DS said, "That's okay - this is only the first time I've moved this today!" Got it all crammed into the condo and the garage. Slept overnight and then took off for Ashland with the couch and chair we were giving to DS. Thus started the grand tour week!

You think you were ignored, we hadn't even seen the grandkids for 4 weeks! We needed some serious 'hug-pats'. So stayed in Ashland overnight with A&J2 and then drove up to Portland to L&Js for 2 days and 3 nights of no sleep! Mr M has a bad cough and is sleeping even less than usual! We had lots of fun playing and watching 'The Princess and the Frog' which is Miss P's favorite now. We also took time out to go find a few things we needed at the new condo; we saw Ironman 2 and ate at a favorite Italian restaurant.

Then off to Newport to clean and finish packing all the last minute supplies at the condo. Mr Clean Magic Eraser - if you don't have them - get them!!! That's all I have to say! We also watched alot of favorite tv shows on DVR - before we turned in our cable box! Would you believe the landlord said he'd never seen the condo left that clean and gave us back our full deposit! Hip hip hooray! Great drive down the coast to the new digs. Unloaded both cars - and fell into bed!

This morning woke up with a headache and it was all overwhelming. Boxes everywhere. DH pitched in and we got the kitchen all stashed away. Then all the clothes and linens ... now I'm in good shape except for the sewing space. Oh well, it will come!

You all know I belong to Stashbusters online. Now I told those girls to slow down with the UFO finishes - there's 79 of us in the challenge. I finished A&J2's wedding quilt in March and here I am at the top of the list already!! Yep, you may refer to me as Queen Doni this week! I've belonged to SBs for 5-6 years and have never been Queen before. As queen you have to finish an UFO during your reign [a week] or pay up a FQ! I may have to pay the penalty. We'll see! I am making the most of my queenly-ness! I may not have time to sew, but I have time to type! So they are getting daily royal decrees! I told my DH that I had to use the computer because I was queen of the UFOs. And I heard him mutter, "I'll say!" What! Off with his head!! LOL!

I'm back - and should be able to have weekly posts again. See you soon.


Michele Bilyeu said...

Fabulous! Glad you're 'home' and we can expect to see some wonderful photos of your new surrounds...inside and out. I know it will be fit for a 'queen'..stashbuster or not! And from the sounds of it...Goodwill considers you their stashbuster queen for a double crown winner!

Sweet P said...

Hooray for finishing the move. Now you need to share some photos of your new place.

Pat said...

So glad that you're in! It can be intimidating to say the least. We moved 3 years ago and hope we're here for quite awhile longer! I too, want to see pictures!