Monday, June 28, 2010

Miss P came to visit!

It's official - we live here. Miss P came to visit us and it is a LONG way from Portland with a 3 yr old in the car - no matter how good she is!! It's 2010 - why don't we have teleportation as promised!! Oh, they decided to develop the internet instead!?! LOL!

Our first stop on our way to our house was the Prehistoric Gardens by Port Orford. Very low-tech but the dinosaurs are recreated as big as their skeletons - and let me tell you - some of them were very BIG! Miss P loved it.

Once we got home first matter of business was to inspect the bed and night-light situation! Then, inventory the toy basket, make sure everything moved with us. Then the small binoculars came out - didn't really get the idea that we could look outside with them. But she really kept her eyes on Nana!!

We made waffles for dinner that night and Nana got the night off - cause Papa had a new sous chef.

We went down to the beach and discovered the crescent beach we can get to in 'other than low tides' is interesting enough - no need to worry about tide tables! The last scramble over the rocks was hard though on little legs. So later that day we drove to Lone Ranch for a walk on the beach. Easy access and Miss P brought along the "Oregon Ducks whistle" or rather duck call. Very entertaining.

There's a certain march we all had to do whilst following our leader! Each night before bedtime we watched movies ["Up" and "Bolt"] and ate cake and ice cream for bedtime snacks. Is there any doubt why grandchildren need to come and visit???

After just one full day and two nights here we took off for the aquarium where met L&J and Mr M - who had never been to the aquarium before. He loved it just like Miss P does!! It was fun to watch him toddle around trying to see everything at once.

On our way back home - we stopped in Gold Beach in our never-ending quest for good pizza - and we hit the mother lode!! Yes, for the first time in Oregon, we liked the pizza at Panther's Den. We're definitely going back there for more! And a beautiful drive of just 25 miles up the coast to get there!

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They keep you young don't they?