Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The sun ... the sun .... it's in the sky again!!!

The sun has come out for days on end! Okay, it gets dark at night, but sunny days in a row!! It's a miracle! Now granted - it hasn't been sunny for more days than it wasn't ... but it sure feels good!

Our couch and chair were delivered on Saturday! So no more wicker deck chairs for watching tv and oh, my, so much more comfortable! It's starting to feel like a home! I'm still trying to crowbar everything into the sewing room! And I've machine quilted the ABC quilt around the blocks and sashes. I decided to hand quilt around the letters - my free motion quilting really isn't up to following the design I had in mind. I'll have to practice with something a little busier - too much white space on the ABC quilt. I've got much more to do with the house - especially the sewing room - in fact, I should be doing it now - not fooling around on the computer. But what the hey! or is it 'what the hay! LOL! I can sit and see the view while on the computer and it's blue out there!!

The watermelon quilt is done-done and handed in for the Newport Guild Silent Auction. Turned out cute - knew it would because I'd made one just like it back in March! But a relief to have it done.

Have you seen that commercial [Hallmark I think] that the daughters discover their dad has been saving every card they gave to him ... well, the men I know don't care much about cards. It would have worked with moms --- anyone have a male in their life that saves cards or even doesn't grouse about the cost of them??? Inquiring minds want to know!

We've been having very civilized low tides. Not before the crack of dawn ... so we've been walking the beach every morning. Had an encounter with an otter - not sure who was more surprised!! I saw him walking up the beach from the surf so I stood still and watched. He crept around a rock and next I saw him peeking around the rock at me like a cat would! Yep, I was still there - so off he ran, back to the surf. FUN!

I know I promised pictures - but I found myself NOT blogging because I don't want to take the pictures! I guess there are some things I want done before the pictures. I figured a blog entry without pictures is better than no entry until the pictures!

Next week Miss P comes home with us for 2 days - then her mom follows. I'll be taking pictures of that cutie - so it shouldn't be long before you see the place. Until then!

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