Wednesday, July 1, 2009

UFO Finish - 9 years in the making!

Pumpkins Gone Bad: The Bleach Chronicles.

It is a pumpkin 'original combo' of many pumpkins from different books and different sizes-arranged in my own way.

In 2000, while high on M&Ms at a retreat [smile] I agreed to make a seasonal wall
quilt for the mini-raffle, next month?? No problem!! [Let that be a lesson to all of us - never promise anything while on retreat!] While I was cutting, might as well make 2 - and you know the story - finished the one - binding it on the way to the meeting, of course. Everyone loved it - including my mom who wanted me to win it for her - I didn't!!! No problem - I'll just make another one.

Okay - change the size, I want it alittle bigger - we were doing 'stack and slash' blocks for quilts - I'll make them smaller and use them as a border. Got it all together - oh, that's a little bright. No problem, I'll just tan dye it. Well, I must have been a little distracted when adding the liquid tan Rit dye ... turned out really, really dark! Can you say "pumpkins at midnight ... in smog?" I decided to fix it by bleaching it. ... You know, they tell you not to bleach dark fabrics. You
don't bleach darks because you have NO IDEA what colors are under those lovely dark oranges! In my case it was Fuchia pink!!! Most of those 'newly found' pinks were small pieces out in the border - I could live with them. BUT the center pumpkin??? ICK!

I took it to my support group - yep, at work, what am I going to do? V, a temp from Viet Nam saw it and thought I was avant guarde using pink for a pumpkin. I said, no it was a mistake. The next day she asked what was my artist statement ... the third day I gave up explaining and decided to slip-cover the darn thing!!! So I did and threw it all in a dark corner because it was past fall by now anyway!!!

It matured for 8 years! But it wasn't looking any better!!! I found it when packing to move here to Oregon ... decided to keep it mainly cuz I was too embarrassed to give it to anyone. Two weeks ago I took a machine quilting class and lo and behold it was just the correct size for a "practice piece". And boy do I need more practice! BUT it is done in time for a finish this quarter AND the July program at guild is a UFO and it's story!!! What do you think??? LOL!

Meanwhile - a funny Miss P story: Yesterday was a very bad day for Miss P - a day where we throw ourselves on the floor screaming when mommy leaves for work. I was told I could leave too - but I make it a point not to follow directions from a 2 3/4 year old! I try to follow Mommy's rules so after lunch we could not have a hot baba, nor could we read 3 books. I kissed her and tucked her in - I was going home before she woke up from nap - when Daddy got home. And she said, "You know, there ARE other Nanas!" Then she brought up her other nana as an example!!! Dissed by a 2 year old! Told Papa that he was coming to babysit with me from now on!!! LOL!


Quiltin' LibraryLady said...
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Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Out of the mouths of babes......wonder what she says to the other Nana? Just think, playing you off against each other at that tender age. Starting tomorrow I'll be babysitting my DS & DDIL's dogs....I don't THINK they'll give me any lip. :-)

Judy said...

Aren't 3 year olds precious!!! They have such personalities developing!!!
I love the pumpkins and I see nothing wrong with aging a project for several years. Spoken by someone working on an old ufo! :)

Michele's Quilting Journey said...

Fabulous story about the pumpkins! We've all got similar nightmares, only some are worse than others. I loved yours! And little Miss P...unbelievably precious and precocious. That is one smart little cookie and she is going to break a lot of hearts and leave a lot of crumbs! You all need to start reading 'how to raise a talented and gifted child' books now ;)

Can you even believe its July and we'll be at the Sisters quilt show soon? I'm shell shocked and out of time and place! Write me and we can share cell phone numbers.Cher is coming for sure...don't know who else. Remember! I'm the lady with no sense of direction who spins in circles in front of the quilts. I need lots of handlers if it's extra hot to spin me back and into line again ;)