Sunday, July 26, 2009

New look?

Well, I ended up loading a different template ... better luck next time.

Two weeks to the Newport Quilt Show! I helped proof-read the show catalog and I'm pumped to see the quilts I've been reading about. If your show or a show you're visiting has a catalog - be sure to read the quilt entries before you leave or the end of the show. There are always descriptions so interesting that you want to find that quilt and study it.

Dennis McGregor, of Sisters Quilt Show posters, designed our new show logo - isn't it gorgeous??!?! He'll be at our show to autograph any of his designs.

The excitement is building!!!

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Michele's Quilting Journey said...

Having already seen both the poster and its screened quilt, I can attest to the fact that they are absolutely stunning! It should be an awesome quilt show with the energies of all of you ladies now gone coastal ;)

Just keep your socks on, Doni and those 12 quilts to the wind, and ride those ocean waves!