Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back from Sisters

With helpers like these - of course we had a great time with family as well as looking at the quilts. Miss P and Mr M, of course!

What fun! We had perfect weather; okay it was 90 but it felt REALLY good coming up from the coast. Friday we pulled into Sisters about 1 minute behind L&J and the kids! [They were coming from Portland] We turned the corner and saw them at the next corner! We ate lunch at our favorite cafe - seriously, the best fish and chips we've ever eaten and remember we live at the coast!!! The guys headed off to golf and we headed the kids to the park playground. After some time in our favorite stores while Nana or Mommy sat with the kids it was naptime at the Bend hotel. Sisters is a pretty little town at any time - but they really want it to shine during the summer festivals.

Saturday morning was bright and no wind. That's a good thing for photographing quilts hanging outside. 1,300 quilts and hundreds of pictures, alittle too much sun and a few blisters later ...

Stashbusters online gals met up at the library. Michele, Cher, [Michele and Cher pictured] Susan from Maryland and me. We wandered about town chatting all the way. Found Nancy at the booth she was volunteering at - went different ways, rejoined at the park for picnic lunch.

There we got to meet Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville fame. Bonnie is 'southern charm' personified. Just as nice in person as on the blog and in her book. Great fun to meet her.


Michele's Quilting Journey said...

What? After all that hullabullo, not one word about the socks? Ha! We sure did have a good time, didn't we? And to leave these precious little ones to see quilts! Man, one charmer after another! We just need Miss P. and Mr. M in front of some quilts and the heavens will smile!

artlady said...

Grandbabies in the summer sun, good friends with common intrests, and great quilts as far as the eye can see; you must have been in heaven. ~Diane