Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bored and sick!

I got the crud that Miss P was passing out ... bummer ... there was cool things to do this weekend too! But I'm just laying here - moaning on occasion!!! I have been surfing the web all day - my brain is just well enough that I can do that - symptoms are BIG headache, icky throat and nose drips! [Just in case you catch it by reading my blog!!!] I've been staying home - just so I don't pass it around to an innocent bystander!

I realized today that I listed my Fab5 in June of 2007. Granted, I got three of them done-done but seriously - 15 months ago???? It's been a busy year - retiring and moving, getting settled in, seeing Miss P twice a month ... and there were a lot of 'non-fab5' projects finished. FOUR great nieces and nephews graduating from college in one May created a backlog of quilts owed. Now that those are finished, how to get serious? Dedicate time every day to quilting? Dedicate one day a week to UFOs? What about all these other projects nagging at me??? [Do your projects nag you? I can hear them whining from the sewing bins! Even closing the bedroom door doesn't help!!!] Time for a list!

  • New baby quilt for grandson coming in November - decide on pattern - baby blue and brown are the colors - I love blue and brown together - but that baby blue is difficult
  • Miss P's 'big girl bed' quilt - decide on pattern - could finish an UFO for it - but I'm not thrilled with how it will go in her room - mishmash of styles!
  • Library book bag for L - she gave me the fabrics - would I be more excited about this if she actually used the library???? LOL!
  • Repair L's graduation quilt from 1997 - you know how I feel about repairing!
  • New quilt for our bedroom - king sized - I'm afraid
  • Little presents for friends for Christmas (shhhhh - don't tell!!!!)
  • Pink [I hate pink] wedding quilt for DH's nephew - not thrilled with the way scrap "disappearing 9patch" is coming out - I think I used my favorite blocks on the graduation quilt I gave to N! - wedding's in January - reception in April????
  • TWO BOMs that were frightfully expensive to just languish!
  • TWO kits that were frightfully expensive to not even start!!! It wasn't even like me to buy kits - darn that favorite store in Gretna!!! - I miss them!!!!

So - I'm not feeling well - and feeling guilty about quilt projects ... I'm entertaining comments on how to get going ... Please let me know what you would do!!!

Well, hope your weekend is going better than mine!!!


Diane said...

Well, I have been there and still always have a list of quilts and projects. Sometimes you have to tell yourself you are only going to sew or cut for 15 minutes and do it. Most times it gets me in the groove and other times I just stop after 15 minutes. If you keep ongoing projects in totes or bins, you can pick one up and change projects easily. This helps me going when bored with a particular project.

Of course, going to a quilt show really gets me motivated when I come home. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Glad you liked the slide show and good luck.


swooze said...

You have time hon. Just get well and you can jump in with both feet! My new projects are whining but it is because I am working on other peoples stuff and not my own!

Sweet P said...

Well first I would drink a cup of hot tea. Then snuggle under a completed quilt and tell the other quilts to take a nap!

I don't let my UFOs get to me. I tell them they will be finished when they have properly aged.

I hope you're feeling better soon!

Sharyn said...

Don't beat yourself up when you are sick is too short for that. Hugs, Sharyn/KalamaQuilts