Monday, September 8, 2008

Hooray! - Finally finished!!

Here are a few pictures to share. The three projects that I finished - relief - this weekend, my view from the 'Fairlift' at the Oregon State Fair and a sunset last week from our deck.

Hooray! - today I mail back to Nebraska the denim quilt, the I Spy quilt [with poem] and the Christmas stocking for my great niece's dog!!! The hardest part of the stocking was to find a picture of a boxer! Dogs can't read - so I always put a picture on them!!! LOL! All worthy projects - but for some reason I had a hard time getting them done. Guess I'm still finding my way around the new sewing space. I haul my machine out to the dining room table to sew. Not much room in the 'sewing room' with the computer set up in there. AND I love the view from the dining room too!

This week I need to tie the replacement Sesame Street flannel quilt for Miss P - the big birthday bash is next weekend - so none too soon to get it done! And I may have found a pattern that excites me for the baby quilt I need to make for 'baby boy' who's due at Thanksgiving! Work, work, work!

Last visit L gave me her high school graduation quilt to repair - It was made in 1996 and has been well used - but I can't really figure out what the heck happened to it! It appears to be mostly the alternate block seams - but they aren't particularly shredded - so why did they separate? I have older well-used quilts that have held together well - I hate repair work - so hope the word doesn't get out that I'll do this! LOL! There are signatures on the back of this one - so she'd really like to keep it usable. DRAT!


swooze said...

Great for you on the finishes! How many left???

Anonymous said...

I'd rather make a whole new quilt than repair one!

Beautiful sunset.