Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Birthday Party was a Hoot!

Miss P and her dad, J were just getting over bad colds and as a party favor - DH brought it home with us! Miss P is also here for the week and we're having alot of fun with her. My house, of course, is destroyed - but it's small - should be able to get it back up to speed this weekend. Today is Miss P's actual 2nd birthday - tomorrow is DH's official birthday - making a marionberry pie to celebrate. Here are some pictures of the celebration - a great time was had by all!

In reverse time order ... blogger always does this to me - a favorite gift from Uncle Z - a soccer ball; J2, A and DH; Miss P feeding dad a 'bite' of her cake; and a sweet smile while we were singing 'Happy Birthday to you!'

DD requested that I make a 'replacement' blue Sesame Street blankie - the pink one was wearing out. There was no pink fabric in the store but Miss P liked the blue fabric in the store; she fell asleep under the blue fabric in the car on the way home; she smiled when she opened it at the party ... why oh why did I have to 'remove it from the crib AND the room' during naptime yesterday??? Hoping it becomes acceptable SOON! Thank goodness we brought the pink one with us too.

Oh - naptime has ended - must run - the princess awakes!!!

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Sweet P said...

Happy birthday Miss P and DH! You look like you had a wonderful time.