Tuesday, September 2, 2008

In a funk! Could you tell?

You probably could - I haven't written for more than a week! I hate deadlines - even the ones I've made. My to do list is long and mostly for other people. The denim quilt is done. The I spy quilt has been giving my fits! Either I can't tie a square knot any more - with the directions right in front of me - or acrylic yarn simply refuses to hold knots!!! I estimated that one nap was all you needed to untie every knot on the quilt! So rather than retie it - I used the crappy ties as basting for machine quilting. The machine quilting will probably help the quilt hold together better. Got the inner squares quilted today - tomorrow I'll quilt the border. Maybe by the end of the week everything will be ready to mail. I still have the dog Christmas stocking to make - but I did find a picture of a boxer so - hopefully, that was the hard part!

THEN next week is Miss P and R's birthday party. We bought the "big girl bed" for Miss P for her birthday - but need something to open too ... have a new Sesame Street flannel to make a small quilt because the original is wearing out too fast. Doesn't thrill! Also need a new "big girl bed" quilt.

And of course, baby boy is coming around Thanksgiving ... he'll need a quilt! Haven't even thought about that yet. And Christmas won't be too far behind!

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Sweet P said...

I suggest taking a deep breath and inhale some of that wonderful Oregon coastal air. Take another deep breath or two or three. I bet you'll be out of your funk real soon.