Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

I know you've seen "Starry starry nights" - the quilt on the left - but it's such a good quilt for the 4th of July - I just had to repeat it! It's an UFO that I finished this spring.
Good Morning, here's a secret! When we go to bed and turn out the lights at night we raise the bedroom shade on the window that faces the ocean. That way when we wake up in the middle of the night there's something to look at! There's usually boat lights out there and shimmer off the waves. It can soothe you back to sleep. This morning I happened to be awake at dawn and there must have been a break in the clouds right when I was looking! Because the foam on the waves was relecting the light - so bright that they looked like neon! I even poked R awake so he could see! [He looked, smiled and went back to snoring immediately!]

I'm about to go for a walk on the beach. We have 'below sea level' low tides this week and it's exciting to walk down to the jetty and see the tide pools. In general, this is the cleanest beach we've ever seen! Unlike Brookings which is ALL tidepools, shells and rocks all the time. This is a great beach to walk - but it's usually clear of any obstacle! So to see starfish and baby crabs and other stuff it's the 1 1/2 mile walk down to the jetty. 3 mile round trip and I do it most days! Not a bad fitness plan for a retired person! LOL! Oh, and I gather rocks when I can find them - I get so excited when I see them - and I know I'm gathering rocks that I would ignore down in Brookings! The rocks are then added to the rocks around the patio. There's about 5' x 6' area that isn't rocked. My mission is to fill that this year - one pocket full at a time!!!

We're still without the furniture we ordered! [Are you tired of me whining?? Sorry but living in limbo is NOT my thing!] But the dining room set is apparently shipping right now. Once we get that [if ever!] I can move my computer/sewing table into 'the mess I like to call the sewing room'! Hopefully, I'll get my sewing machine and computer set up then and feel more like doing what I like to do! I've done very little quilting or photographs or blogging since we've arrived. I'm sure you've noticed the blogging lags! It could all change - or I could continue with my new hobby of rearranging all my sewing stuff - trying to fit one more thing into limited space!
Wishing you a safe and happy holiday! Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

You might not have guessed, but I eagerly await your posts. You should have been a writer. I'm insanely jealous of your retirement. Life in Oregon sounds wonderful. I'm happy that your dream has come true. Sue