Sunday, June 29, 2008

Life at the Beach!

You know - it just dawned on me that we live here now! Isn't that amazing! We've been here a month and it took me that long to figure it out!!! But, since we came to Oregon for a month every summer, and we'd visit the kids, spend time in a condo ... sound familiar?? Yep - just what we've been doing so far! LOL! I guess retirement is supposed to feel like a vacation! Good job!

We're still going to the grocery store more than 3 times a week. It's so funny not to have those basics around ... I was going to make corn bread this week to go with corn chowder I made - hmmm, "R? Didn't we buy eggs yet???" "We sure did - up at L's house!!" Oh, add them to the list!

I went back up to Portland Thursday to babysit Miss P thursday night. Yes, she's cute, but the real reason was a repeat visit to Ikea on Friday. Anyway - she was down for her nap when I got there - L said they'd been talking about Nana coming all day - so they left and I went up at the appointed hour to wake the kid. The first word out of her mouth was "Bom pop???" When I said, no he didn't come with me - I got a dirty look! But we did fine. She's turned into a kid - riding on a toy outside and talking up a storm!

Friday, L and I got more bookcases for the sewing room stuff - so THIS week - I'm going to get set up. We SHOULD even get our dining room furniture this week - so I'll have the table to set up my computer and sewing machine on. It's amazing to me the difference having a machine set up vs setting up the machine when you need it. I needed a larger sleeve on my lighthouse quilt - and without the cutting board, iron and sewing machine set up - I actually ripped off the old sleeve, opened it up and sewed in back on BY HAND - cause that felt faster! I did take it to "Stitching Circle" to do the handwork and they REALLY liked it! So it's a "Go" for the Newport Quilt Guild Show in August.

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swooze said...

SOunds like you are really settling in. Take pics of the sewing room setup!