Monday, June 16, 2008

Oops - that week went fast!

Life by Yaquina Head lighthouse - This is one of the lighthouses we can see from our beach. Yaquina Head has 2 short light bursts and a long pause. I love seeing it send me it's signal at dusk. I am still unpacking and moving things around. We still don't have the furniture we ordered ... maybe next week. We've had really cool weather on the coast last week. Looks like the same this next week. Should be good weather for setting up a sewing room! I finally have the rest of the house pretty squared away. The spare bedroom here is so cut up - 5 walls with odd angles involved. The one long straight wall has the closet and a door to a bathroom on it. And the one piece of furniture I wanted to keep - it's an entertainment center - is really too big for the room. Don't know how I'll even be able to watch the tv in it! Moving - it's an adventure!

I joined the Newport Quilt Guild last week. Went to the June meeting and it seems to be a good group. They have an annual quilt show every August ... I just left the Lincoln Guild right after their Memorial Day weekend show. So-o, it already seems familiar! Looking forward to picking my favorite quilts to enter in the show.
Last weekend we went down to Ashland for J2's graduation. She received her Masters in Education and her mom got her Bachelor's! It was a gorgeous day, upper 80s and it was quite a celebration. When we came back to the coast it was only 55 and we were glad we had soup in the fridge to warm up for dinner!
Next weekend we'll be up in Portland to babysit Miss P during the neighborhood garage sales. I'll let you know how the sewing room goes! Could someone send me a 6 foot shoe horn, please!


Sweet P said...

If I had a 6 foot shoe horn, I'd send it to you!

Quilting Journey said...

Glad you made it to Oregon, safe and sound! What a gorgeous pic of that one! How great is it that you're already on the guild and quilt show trail! Enjoy your moving in and spend lots of time playing with your sewing required but lots of touching and sniffing for those good pheronomes ;)