Friday, July 18, 2008

Back from babysitting!

First things first - here are some pictures from Sisters - In reverse order (?) Here is my daughter's DH, DD, Miss P, Me and DH! Sunday at Sahalie Falls near Sisters. MB from Lincoln and me at lunch on Saturday and my favorite street scene at Sisters. This is The Stitching Post bldg and the fire dept gets out the ladders to put up the quilts! It was a fun, fun time - again!

My daughter is just the cutest thing! She has Miss P - who will be 2 in September, but seems to be much older than that in actions! She's a pistol - on the run, talking a mile a minute to some imaginary creature who must be able to understand her!!!! Gibberish is a good descriptive word! And Miss P can put a whole sentence in her inflection. "Momma?" Means "is that my mother whom I hear coming in the door?" Of course, I do feel like second class when the first word out of Miss P's mouth when she sees me is "Bompop?" "What do you mean it's only you??? Where oh where is Grandpa?"

Anyway - back to my daughter. She's also PG - due around November. She told me a month ago that she did not want to know the sex of this baby - they knew with Miss P and they wanted to do it the other way this time. I agreed - but thinking - who is this child??? DD is a planner and definitely wants to know EVERYTHING! Well, she lasted almost a week! She had the ultrasound a week ago Thursday. "Nope - we do NOT want to know." Went to the doctors on Monday and the nurse almost told them ... it wasn't noted on the chart that they didn't want to know... "NO, we don't want to know." But L called the nurse yesterday ... "okay, I can't stand it - I want to know!"
And it's going to be - are you sure you want to know???? Oh - well, then, it's going to be a b*o*y!! Let the name discussions begin!!!


Quilting Journey said...

Awww, congratulations to 'grandma to be, again!' Now, wait a minute, does your daughter want to know NOW and does she read your blog, so now she DOES know? If not, grandma,you just let the baby out of the bag! And a baby b*o*y... awesome!How exciting is this???? Oh, now that you live at Newport is he really a baby buoy? Ha!

swooze said...

Congrats grandma!

Hey, I didn't know you were married to a famous news anchorman!

Sweet P said...

Congrats Grandma!