Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rolling along!

Two beautiful sunny days in a row! Three this week! It's amazing! R redid the windows this am - I must have waited too long yesterday, the sun dried them too fast - because they were a mess! In honor of clean windows - great weather and a blue ocean! Woohoo!

I've never had a chair on wheels at home! Wow! It really comes in handy! Today I decided that I was going to quit avoiding it - and tie the last denim quilt for a great nephew that graduated from college in May. And I mean the LAST denim quilt - even though I love them. They are just too hard on my hands nowadays. Anyway - I used my new chair to scoot around it and man - slick as a whistle!

Staples is the only 'big box' store in our town of Newport - and they are having a special this week. An office chair - black leather, adjustable, arms, wheels, assembled ... $47! Really! Although it does involve a $25 rebate that comes later - check it out at your Staples. R was even impressed - he liked how long it spun around! My table for my sewing machine is alittle too high - so I bought the chair to raise myself up to the right level. Hoping it will encourage me to sew more! And it did! Kind of - I'm tying that quilt!

I'm officially an Oregonian today! Yep, got my driver's license test done. Truly, the hardest part was finding the marriage certificate! You practically have to bring your mother to prove ID! And I don't know if that would be good enough! I needed my official birth certificate, my official social security card, my official marriage license and the valid Nebraska license AND a utility bill proving my address here. AND you have to bring them EACH time! hope I can find them all again in 8 years!

L and Miss P come down tomorrow for 2 days. It's so exciting! They haven't been here since they took pictures of the condo for us before we moved! L will be surprised at how we've fit everything in. They arrive around lunch and then Miss P takes a long nap in the afternoon - but then - playtime! R is looking forward to taking her down to the beach. Friday morning we'll probably go to the aquarium. I made slush, pasta salad and we're having Pepsi chicken & sweet potatoes tomorrow night! Oh, oh - better '2 year old proof!' We recorded Sesame Street this morning for her! Later!

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Sweet P said...

You really need all those items to get an Oregon driver's license? It's almost enough to make me not want to move to Oregon!

Have with Miss P