Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Yes, we have 3 Pay It Forward winners!

Just waiting for the snail mail addies at this point. Thanks! It's safe to comment now!!!

Ran into yet another knee problem-blip on the road to recovery - and I'd so counted on this knee going smoother!!! Won't bore you with the details - I'll just let you know when it's solved!!! But it makes for one cranky doni - who doesn't blog unless she can "not whine!" And I'm pushing that limit right now. :> What I really need is quality time in the sewing room - wish I felt like it.

Spring MUST be coming - please!- Yesterday birds woke me up. They were just grackles - not pretty bird song, but still - it's a first. DH said they were yelling at each other about who's bright idea was it to come north this early! And it does kind-of sound like that!

Been working on postcards lately - something to do with my attention span! But when friends were visiting this weekend I made them help me frame and pin baste a small wall quilt. My designated UFO for March! Now it's ready to quilt at will!

Finishing up my Take it Further challenge this week. Hope to have pictures for you this weekend. I loved this theme - "what are you old enough to remember?"

I'm old enough to remember:
black and white television and it took FOREVER to warm up!
watching American Bandstand and being my teenage sister's practice partner!
TV test patterns - yep, there used to be hours in the night that nothing was on tv!
the FIRST MacDonalds built in Lincoln - 4 blocks away from my house
Penny candy at the stores
The first manned space shot - we watched it in the auditorium at school
Cars without air conditioning - they had vents!
Walking home from school for lunch
and lots more that "I remember" but just not this minute!!!

My TIF piece is about what I remember about summers. Coming soon - watch this space!!!


Greenmare said...

no birds waking me up in my area! lots of bunnies making tracks in the snow though

Sweet P said...

I remember test patterns, cars without A/C and penny candy. Those were the "good old days", not!