Monday, February 11, 2008

Pay It Forward Contest

Paula [Thanks again, Sweet P!] sent me a Pay It Forward package while I've been recouping and it's time to - you know - pay it forward. Everyone who comments or emails me this week will be eligible. I have no cute pets to pick three names - but I'll pick names on Saturday. Paula made a darling little homemade bag - no guarantees of something homemade from me. But I have lots of sewing doodads and kits. Also let me know if you'd be interested in a year's worth of QNM or an old unopened Quilt Engagement Calendar or nickel squares. The catch is that you will then have to Pay it Forward to 3 other people.

I love Pay it Forward. The book is awesome - the movie with Helen Hunt and Kevin Spacey is good - but the book is better! If you haven't read it yet - look for it.
I got to play babies this weekend. G's daughter just had Miss V 11 days ago. Well, yesterday Miss V came by to introduce herself! Boy, you forget they come that little! Holding a 10 day old baby is definitely good for what ails you! The little funny faces and stretches ... the cuddling into your body. What fun! Thanks S & C for your visit - I loved it.
It's been 3 weeks since my knee replacement. I'm happy to say that the pain relief pill switch has finally kicked in - much better. But a 2 am DVD is now in my routine! Something in the middle of the night gets me up and down to the recliner to get comfortable ... I can't sleep there - but have been watching DVDs from my extensive collection! This week end I watched "Deep Impact", "Dave", "In Good Company" and "Pretty Woman". Those are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head!
Can we talk about how it is possible for a woman alone in a king-size bed to run out of room? LOL! Well, this has been recovery central for the last 3 weeks - let's take a look at what I'm sharing this space with.
Well, right now there is a digital camera and case and the laptop computer and icy knee wrap. But they're only on the bed when I'm actually using them. PS - I'm NOT listing what's on the bedside table!
In bed with me is: 6 pillows; sheets; 3 quilts; 6 quilt magazines or books; tin of Ritz crackers; box of Puffs; sweatshirt (okay - I just finally warmed up today); 7 get well cards(!); 3 fabric post cards; approximately a 3 inch stack of pages torn from Quilters Newsletter Magazines; a sewing basket that I put peppermints in; 4 fiction books; cordless phone; red canvas belt for exercises; new Lands End catalog; spare glasses; box of papers that I sorted from the sewing room; breathing exercise thingie from hospital; I can't look any further! Let's hope I get this mess organized or else there will be no space for me and my new knee!

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Anonymous said...

I was commenting to Sharon at guildthat I hadnt seen you around in quite a while. She told me you had surgery. I thought you had gone to visit the west and decided not to leave!
Good to see you are doing better with this knee. Good thing you only have two.
Hope to see you at camp!
Sue M