Wednesday, February 6, 2008

February's Take it Further Challenge

Sharon has come up with another winner for February. For the whole challenge explanation go here.

The question is "what are you old enough to remember?" Of course, there is a problem, as we get older - we remember less??? Or maybe that's just recent stuff we can't remember.

I'm old enough to remember summers filled with "play without appointments". Yep, you heard it here. Our mothers used to get us up, feed us breakfast, make us do chores, and then shoo us out of the house to "go play". We weren't supposed to come back (bother her) until suppertime!!! Okay, we were allowed to have lunch at home, but generally, we took turns eating lunch together at each other's houses.

It was really fun. We climbed trees, played with Barbies, rode our bikes, skated (with clamp-on skates with skate keys!) When it was too hot to move, we'd come back home and BEG to come into the air conditioning. NOPE! So lots of afternoons we sat on the cement garage floor and played Authors! It was surprisingly cooler - although harder - to sit on the cement. And after dinner we all met again to play Hide and Go Seek until bed time! WOW! Those WERE the days!

In winter I remember being so proud of ourselves! We stood on the bus stop corner and "smoked" candy cigarettes! By the time we got home, someone had already reported me to my mom!!!! SCORE! It didn't take much to convince her I wasn't really smoking! We were so excited that we tried it again and again - but the neighbors were in on our game by then! But still!

Hmmm - post card size isn't going to hold all these memories! I'll have to pick my favorites!


Quilting Journey said...

Hi Doni! I remember everything you do except for the air conditioning! I grew up in Alaska..oh wait, it was always cold. Ok, I remember the air...conditioning ;) How's your knee??? Sending good thoughts but I've got no zzzz's of my own...if you ever get any extras...send them to me, instead!!! Oregon hugs to you!

Sweet P said...

Your summer memories sound a lot like my summer memories. Whatever happened to those days?

karylsquilts said...

Gotta luv the 'smoking' !
And the hide go seek was the whole block.... just stay away from Esters roses, they poke!

Ya'll come home when the whistle blows! ~~~~~~K