Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Night Report

Well, that was a weekend! Got a lot done. Washed 5 loads of fabrics – I found fabric given to me as a Christmas present last year! Guess I hadn’t cleared the cutting table this year and hadn’t washed fabric for quite awhile. It IS an 8 foot table and I can usually displace things to one end or the other! All that fabric was on it though.

Today 3 quilting friends came over and we consulted and sewed and had a great time. I’ve got 13 of 16 wool penny rug tongues ready. Now I have to find the wool and cut 3 more – the red just shredded on me. Plan B coming up.

I think I can safely sign up for entries on the State Fair site – Kinsey’s Whimsy and the penny wool rug. And buy cheap tickets! Above is a picture of Kinsey’s Whimsy. The guild challenge was to create a quilt for a character in a book. I chose Kinsey Millhone from Sue Grafton’s mystery series. “A is for Alibi”. I used the leftover blocks on one of my famous backs!

My backs - guess it's time to come clean! I've been known [LOL!] to put weird backs on my quilts. I once made a snowman quilt - it was an original adaptation to a "Red Wagon' design. I was in a hurry - grabbed a "cold" looking peach fabric. Yes I've taken a lot of flack for it - my excuse was to say ""Even in the worst winter spring is on it's way!" Hey - it looked fine until the red binding wrapped around to the back!

Alright, fast forward a few years. I was in a workshop with a great teacher when she showed an unusual back - friends in the class all chimed in "its a doni back". She laughed, we all laughed but then she announced it at the guild meeting that night! My only 15 minutes of fame [I hope!]

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Quilting Journey said...

Kinsey's Whimsy is beautiful! I totally love it!!! And as for your unusual 'backs'...I guess this could be considered your very own signature 'style'!