Friday, August 10, 2007

Quilting in the Land of Plenty

Okay, now I'm more like myself now! I wasn't sure I'd make it the whole week at work! But now it's the weekend and time to chill out! - in the sewing room! This week I turned 55 and I'm having a little trouble with that! I don't usually have any set backs with birthdays. But 6 months later my new knee isn't up to my standards yet. And I FEEL like an old woman! Gotta to work through that and get back to me. I'm afraid that includes the 4 letter word we all hate - diet. Losing weight could make the difference.

When we got home from Oregon we piled everything from the car out of the way - yep, you guessed it - in the sewing room. What a disaster! That room was pretty much a mess anyway. Tomorrow morning I'm going in!! I peeked in today and that is a mountain of FQs on the cutting table. My small group - Scrap Happens - always brings back a FQ from a trip for everyone. Apparently we've been really traveling lately! YIKES! Add what I bought on my trip and there's a whole lot of washing that needs to be going on!

Two weeks to the State Fair. I love entering things in the fair - not because I'm so good - I'm not. But I think it's fun to see all levels in competition. My quilts can inspire someone to go home and try also. PLUS - I really love to buy the cheaper tickets!! I LOVE the fair. I've got the Guild's Literary Challenge but I'd love to enter the wool penny rug. That means 14.1/2 tongues still needed. This weekend better be a long one!

I'll check in Sunday and let you know how it went.

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