Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Okay - I'm a dope!

Did you realize that this summer is almost over??? I missed the sign up for the fair by a WEEK. I usually have a week after coming home from Oregon to take care of the fair. I forgot we went a week later than usual. So I'll be buying my tickets full price - darn.

Above is the Oregon Lighthouse quilt I entered last year. The lighthouse panels are silk screened. I got a 5th place ribbon on it - but I also got an offer to buy it! Thanks - but no way! It's a favorite! The small wall quilt in my hands is a Quilted Lizard accidental landscape - the beach. That technique is fun and addictive.

So without the fair entry to worry about - it's on to worrying about what to put in our guild's show next June!

I got all 16 penny rug tongues [tabs] done - hope to finish assembling it this weekend. Hmmm, where did I put those instructions again! It's one of my Fab5 - I'm so excited to cross off my first finished project using this method! Don't you love lists!

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Quilting Journey said...

OH Doni...I am so sorry. You had a senior moment just when you are hating being a year older! Life just isn't fair! Just know that you belong to an entire club of us...and many of us who are quilters, too, get so focused on that...that the rest of deadlines slips right by us. There have been many times I just wished I could turn the clock back (in all ways!!!) but 'scraps happen'!!!