Friday, June 30, 2017

This Just In!!

High Desert Frameworks in Bend Oregon Just released the pictures of the Postcards accepted to be framed for the silent auction.  If you follow this link you can see all of the postcards honored.  All proceeds of the silent auction go to Wish Upon a Card charity that helps raise scholarships for Sisters High School students.

I love what they did with my postcard.  It was the first year I was included in the framed cards silent auction ... what an honor.

Who could resist such a beauty??  My DH is hoping I can!


---"Love" said...

It is beautiful indeed! I'd probably have to buy it back! (It is always nice to help a scholarship program anyway, isn't it?) ---"Love"

Mary said...

Wish I was going to Sister's so I could see it up close. It's on my calendar, we'll see if DH takes me for a ride next Saturday... He's taking me Row Hopping tomorrow.