Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Whoooooosh! That's the sound of summer whizzing by!

How is it possible that the middle of July is past?  I'm not sure where the time is going - but it's going fast.

Here in Brookings, I've been going to aerobics at our outdoor pool every day I'm here.  It's been a great summer - about 20-30 participants and lots of room for conversations!  Then Monday and Wednesday it's TaiChi and we're really getting oh-so-much-better at the long form.  It's fun and it seems short when you're doing it well!!

The Sisters show was great.  My postcard went for the maximum bid on just the second day!!  $250 was raised for the HS scholarship!  But now, I'll have to be sure to enter by the deadline every year!  I'd told DH that I'd like to buy it back, his response was "Make another one!" And good thing - cuz that bid was WAY-OUT of my budget!

Lots of wonderful quilts in the show - modern quilts are getting so interesting!  Fun to see some of the Quiltcon winners.

This year four Stashbusters were able to meet in front of the Sisters Library for our annual meet and greet.  AND there was an awesome computer keyboard quilt hanging there for the photo-opp!

Jean Wells inspired landscape.

Theme this year was "Every quilt tells a story" (just like I've always said!) They had a book with small quilts and their stories.  Delightful!

Just a simple Logcabin with the dotted sash adding interest - fascinating! Must not start anything new ...

We had a great time at Sisters - the weather was average until it was H*O*T.  But we were staying at Black Butte and they have 5 swimming pools .... we were sure to frolick in 4 of them!

We had some disappointing meals, but the landscape made up for it!  Miss P, Mr M and I did the Letterbox contest and they each got a prize.  I bribed them with the pool when we finished!  Yep, I'm an 'experienced Nana'!!  What the moms don't know won't hurt them!!  What happens with Nana stays with Nana!!

The Hydrangea's are in full bloom around here - gorgeous this year.  This bouquet is from a quilting friend who gave them to me to thank me for consulting!  She doesn't know me well enough to know that it would be hard to keep me away!! I loved the flowers, thank you M.

I'm gradually joining in Fabric Art Post Cards again.  June bug seemed like a good time to stick up for the bees.  I put reptile stamps on the back to eat the pesky bugs!

Saturday was Fun Day at Guild.  I took my mini-log cabin blocks.  3/4" finished logs - 4" finished and made 17 blocks!  I'd decided to do a repeating block design vs a center-out design - mainly so I can start building them as I finish more mini blocks.  Each large block uses 16 minis.  It was so-o much fun!  I love the way it's turning out, much brighter than I thought! It seemed they were going together so fast (with a couple that needed some ripping :<) so I timed myself!  10 minutes from start to finish!!  Hope to get up to that speed again when I have time to restart making the blocks.

When I got home from Sisters I did what I swear I will never do again ... yep, I entered a quilt in the Newport show that wasn't finished! GASP!!  Working on it - but this week A&J2 and the 3 kiddos are here.  No time or energy for quilting today!  Miss E - who is only 3 weeks old is a party animal all night long!! It's downright impossible to sleep thru a crying baby - Mothers never forget!  The boys, 6 and 4 have been a hoot to hang with.

Last night the boys and I went for a walk.  As we passed the beach trail, Mr D (6) asked if we could just walk to the beach.
"Sorry, no - low tide is over and it's late.  We'll hit the beach tomorrow."
He asked, "We get to go to the beach tomorrow?"
I said, "Sure, that's what you come for, isn't it?"
He (buttering up dear Nana!) said, "No, we come to see you!" Too Cute!

Mr K racing the waves.

Dr D collecting water for ?????

Miss E on the beach for the first time!  She ate, she pooped, she got sand in her diaper - - it was the whole experience! LOL!

Hope you're taking the time for the 'whole summer-time experience!'


Mary said...

We should have planned a meet up at Sister's. My trip was si last minute though. DH was kind enough to take the detour. We saw,some beautiful scenery enroute. Glad the kiddos are having a great Summer. I have been traveling way too much, not much getting finished in the Quilt Zone.

---"Love" said...

Go make another heart postcard for yourself NOW! I let two wall hangings get away from me in an auction. thinking I'd make another one, but never did. I love your layout of that last log cabin quilt. ---"Love"