Thursday, June 29, 2017

Let's walk the beach!

It's time for our walk together.  Today was the last minus tide for a while - so even though it was grey we had to get down there.  It was great!  So I'm sharing it with you!  I forgot to tell you that we walked the Pacific Coast Trail last week.  And there was something left on the viewing bench!

Too cute - I can picture my GKs leaving this reminder!

On with today's walk.  This is our objective!  And there is 30 more minutes to low tide and look at the wide open beach!

The path starts at Building A by the highway.  It's a nice gentle slope, but I often share the path with rabbits; ground squirrels, and Eeeek! snakes!

Now we cross the maintenance road.  Our trail is named for a resident here that started it, maintains it beyond belief!  Ross is over 80 yrs old.  Last year he broke his leg on this trail.  This year he was already back to hauling rock by hand along to trail to ease our way!!  Never underestimate someone on a mission!  Thanks Ross!

Don't mind that sign - it's just for the tourists!!  On we go!

We're just starting - love this view of the condos.  We live in the building on the far left, 2nd floor!  Wave!

Now we start meandering down to sea-level!  Through the forest.

There are clumps of tall grass to mark the turn.  Now it starts getting a little trickier... by the end it's pretty much a goat trail!

Flowers love it here.  The side of the hill gets plenty of moisture and it faces south!  What's better than that! 

Hold on to your hats - it gets steep around this turn!

Purple grass?  I don't think we're in Kansas any more, Toto!

I'm happy to report that our beach is now full of sand.  It was all rock not that long ago.  And these algea wash up.  I love to step on them and pop them!  It's the ocean's bubble wrap!!  I only pick on the little ones, honest!

Ooooo, shiny rocks!

Nature does it's own sand painting around here!

Never mind the local residents!  It's nice to see them back.

And looky here!  Sea Stars!  Talk about 'nice to see them back'!  A couple of years ago there was a blight and a large die-off.  It really affected how many birds we saw and it emptied the tide pools. Now we look with that wonder again!

Why, hello, Mr Crab!  Hiding much???

We ran out of sand at the next headland.  No walking into Harris Beach Park this time.  Hopefully the sand will come back even more.  Turn back and head for home.  This is my favorite view of home! The view is good both ways!

Thanks for joining me!!  I should have some quilts to show next week.


---"Love" said...

Thanks for sharing a walk I would never get to take otherwise. Your pictures of God's creation are beautiful! ---"Love"

swooze said...

Thanks for the tour. Love the wildlife photos. How long a walk is that time wise?