Sunday, March 4, 2012

Everything's coming together .... but they all need to be done at the same time!

Ever have one of those months??? Where all you seem to do is spin your wheels - and add to your list.

Last week, I was in a 3 day class with Jill Schumacher, Quiltmaker to the Queen. She's a great teacher. Giving you baby steps until you're doing amazing things with your DSM. We dropped our feed-dogs and never put them back up in 3 days!! We did free motion quilting using guidelines, we couldn't turn the fabric - we quilted in all directions. Reminded me of those handwriting exercises we used to do in elementary school - until we had to sew backwards! Next we traced out designs and FMQed along the lines and then FMQed just using the lines as guides. Doing "Jill's Waffles" and "7 Secrets of Buddha".

We worked on Trapunto projects and three of us traced Sashiko wall quilts [5-6 hours of tracing!!] I have three 16" projects almost finished. One 16" project marked, pinned and ready to go and then the Sashiko wall quilt marked. It's a fascinating method and she told us we didn't have to buy a long-arm - we could do it all ourselves. That made several husbands very, very happy!! LOL! Projects will be pictured once they are finished.

My last class of Digital Scrapbooking was last week. I learned alot and of course, my class project isn't anywhere near finished!! I wanted to bring up "My Quilts Scrapbook" up to date. Right now it stops in 2000. I've made a few since then!! I made a template and I'm happy with it. Now I just have to gather up pictures of all [127 count] quilts and projects; make sure I have the measurements; and write out the descriptions. Piece of Cake, right?? Not so much. And then there's the decision - go with the new format? Continue the old format?? Old format is definitely cheaper ... but, the new method is more fun!! Oh, dear!

The majority of those quilts are long-gone and if I can't find a picture ... well, I know I took pictures of 98% of them. BUT some on film, some on our digital camera, some with the phone camera and some with a friend's camera --- did she give me the print?!?! I'll have to see if I can 'round them up'!! It simply all takes time! And that's what I'm complaining about!

Our guild show is Memorial Day Weekend. They want the 'stay robins' and the challenges done for it, and of course, other quilts too. I don't register any quilt that isn't done by the registration deadline ... I have learned that much!! But a quick trip to Palm Springs and my annual 'Mom's Birthday' trip is between now and that deadline.

I'm still hooked on Pinterest - and of course, that doesn't help the time situation either!! But it's too much fun!! Okay - that's enough whining for today!! Sorry!!

Back to the sewing room - I'm working on my guild challenge today - anxious to see if it's actually going to work!


Daisy said...

I saw you with your twin today. You two really do look alike. Your quilts are absolutely gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing more.

Thanks, Daisy

mtquilter said...

I also saw you on Sweet P Quilting's blog. You do look like fun! I love the Oregon coast. I think it's one of the most beautiful places on earth....not that I've seen that many places but I do love the ocean. Loved your quilts on Sweet P. Your handwork is gorgeous.