Sunday, March 25, 2012

Vacation - part two - the good stuff!!

That was mean, wasn't it!! Where was I?? Oh yes, Palm Springs. The first day, while Rick went to the practice range, I headed to the laundry mat. Next door to a yogurt store [score!!] And we had our best Italian meal in PS. Not that the others were not good. But you know that feeling after your first bite; where you say, "Wow!" That happened here!

But the Doni's favorite part of vacation started Wednesday morning.

Do you know Sweet P - she's from Canada and winters in Palm Springs. I've been following her blog for a while. Really got to know her when we were both in the Christmas Quilt Blog Tour by SewCalGal. So - I contacted her when I knew we were coming to Palm Springs and asked if I could join in the Wednesday sewing day. And she said, "Yes!" I did a happy dance, but ladies, as fun as it looks on the blog - oh my, It's even better than that!!

And you know what happens when two ladies who 'know' each other on the web meet - it's an instant party!! Add 14 other quilting ladies who are just as nice as nice can be ... well, it's a perfect day!

Those quilters are so-o nice. And talented!! It was heaven to be there for the day. I got to see projects, consult and be consulted, have a great pot-luck lunch, and just spend the day with 14 quilters --- heaven!! Even Sweet P admits that she hates to go home; 'cuz she misses this wonderful group!!

All day they made me feel like I was a member of the group. I'd been on the road a week. Now granted - it was a wonderful week with my DH ... but there had been no quilting!! I've already made my DH promise that next year we'll be in Palm Springs for at least TWO Wednesdays!!

Thursday, and the fun continues! My friend L, who was a neighbor in Newport OR when I lived there, also has a home in Beaumont - just up the road from PS. She came over to PS for the day.

We started with lunch at Sherman's - didn't I tell you those sandwiches were H*U*G*E?? And just for the record ... I always shared those monster sandwiches with someone!! You have to share or there is absolutely no chance of sharing one of their awesome desserts!! LOL!

We wandered around downtown, stores and the museum, after lunch, ending back at the Hotel to see what quilts I brought with me ... and a Strawberry Daiquiri at the bar. What can I say - by Thursday I was addicted!!

Friday some of Sweet P's group were going to the Redlands Quilt store, Calico Horse, for their sale. I was able to talk L into going with me - and even driving us from her house. We even met Sweet P and the gals at the Calico Horse. Got to see lots of goodies. [Stashbusters, forgive me!!] I hadn't seen a store that stacked with Civil War fabrics since, well, since last year's visit to the Midwest!! [and on sale!!! - oh, I saved LOTS of money that day!!]

I had fun ... way too much fun!! And so did L! I think I got her back to quilting daily. She bought a Layer Cake and we studied the video of Double Slice on YouTube and made a few blocks before I headed back to PS.

Thanks, ladies - I really needed a quilt fix. Not just a buying frenzy - although that was nice too. I needed to talk quilts with like-minded people and boy, I was in the right place!!

Saturday morning R & I hit the College Street Fair [fast shopping got me a new Baggalini purse, 3 pillows for the grandkids and those silly balls that flatten out when you throw them down and then we tried to beat the bad weather out of there.

The rain in LA was educational!! Really, people drive 70 mph thru pouring rain with visibility at about 20 ft??? Holy Crap! But we managed to stay out of their way and escape the madness unscathed.

Two days to get home and the bad weather was here too!! Hence, the retreat to the couch to ponder why-oh-why did we come back so soon???? LOL!

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Teri said...

Wow.....sounded like you had a really good time.....quilting ladies, stores and sales what more could you ask for......