Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I [heart] Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

This is my Holiday guild challenge from last year. Even though it's too big for this chair - it has gamely hung on for weeks!! It's just folded over the top - no pins! And I love it!! Read more about it on this blog entry.

Remember when you made Valentines Mailboxes from cereal boxes and HAD to give everyone in your class a Valentine??? It was so-o exciting!! The girls spent hours signing and planning who was going to get which Valentine from the package. [The package was bought mainly if it had enough Valentines for your entire class!!] How to write their names perfectly and practicing our signatures ...

The boys spent as much time as their moms made them!!! I actually got a Valentine from a boy in my 3rd grade class that said something like, "Wanna monkey around?" LOL! I don't believe his mom screened that package!! However, my mom had a fit!! But we couldn't get too upset - there was no name on the envelope - so it wasn't 'aimed' at me! It just got dropped into my mailbox! I should have realized what boys were made of then!!

I had a good week! I finished an UFO and another WIP for the community baby shower. I finished piecing them at the retreat; then FMQed them at the rental LA at our local store. The new machine has such a nice stitch - I'm really pleased with it! The log cabin quilt is left over blocks from A&J2's wedding quilt.

The blue and shirting quilt was just an idea I had - when I miscut 10" squares for a workshop. Too much blue and too little shirtings ... didn't work for what we were doing there. But there they sat, cut and needing to be used before they fell into the black hole that is apparently centered in my sewing room!! LOL! I'll be glad to hand them in at guild this month. Woohoo! Two more finished projects!

I belong to the Label Crew from Make Life Sweet. I just joined this year. It's fun - they send you labels each month and a project to use them on. I loved the labels for February - but the project involved the giving of candy bars - not on our meal plans!! I had all these wonderful red strips out -for another ongoing project- so made up a candle mat. Cute - isn't it.

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Michele Bilyeu said...

Love all of your quilts!!!! Happy Valentine's Day sweet 'real life' friend!!! Hope the coast was clear and you had a great day ~